The Top 20 Things To Do In Dublin For Tourists: An Experience Report

For lovers of a few pints of dark beer, chatting to strangers and a good Irish gig …. Dublin is the place to be.

Dublin is Irelands capital and is one of Europe’s most youthful cities with around 50 percent of its inhabitants reported to be under 25 years old.

The city has an amazing character as do its citizens. Many people think this is because of its weather having contributed to the people turning to humour and laughs to keep themselves entertained on wet and stormy days.

St Patricks day is certainly not something to be missed if your around in March where the locals all dress up and there is drinking, dancing and a parade through the streets.

The Celtic and Gaelic heritage has deeply infused the culture and there is something unmistakably inspiring about the live folk music in Dublin that is popularly played on the streets and at venues throughout the city.

Getting caught up in an Irish pub with a charismatic local is certainly why a lot of people return again and again to this infectious city. The Guinness brewery is also one of the draw cards and Traditional Irish pubs are dotted around the city selling pints of the stuff. The vibrant nightlife in Dublin extends across a number of areas, each with their own flare.

Dublin is located at the estuary of the River Liffey and its docks are filled with all sorts of boats and yachts. There are more park spaces per capita in comparison with every other European capital, with all of the city’s inhabitants living just a stroll of one park or another. Outside of the city you can go on several amazing walks through the untamed and green landscapes.

It is steeped in history and there are many popular landmarks and monuments to visit. Along with the rest of Ireland, the place has a certain air of mysticism and legend surrounding it, drumming up images of leprechauns and banshees. Of most interest, many people visit the beautiful grounds of Trinity College to see the Book of Kells in the library there created by monks in around 800AD

The author Markus Bichler has explored Dublin while sampling English language course options in Dublin. He frequently tests language schools in Ireland and spends time checking out the nicest activities.

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