Visiting South America Vacation Destinations

South America vacation destinations are growing in popularity for a variety of reasons. The major destinations are a relatively short plane flight from U. S. Departure points. The weather is reversed from Northern Hemisphere climate, so you can enjoy your preferred weather year around. The vast number of different ecological zones provides variety and often the prices are surprisingly reasonable. Here are a few holiday spots that may be of interest to travelers from North America or Europe.

The wide range of holiday activities in the Southern Hemisphere Americas is a draw. There are surfing opportunities along the coastline of Chile and Ecuador. There are architectural examples with the historical complexes of ancient Indian cultures, plus the colonial influences of Italy, France and Spain. You can party to your heart’s content with tourists from around the world who came to celebrate feast days. Urban shopping opportunities abound, or you might prefer to find a must-have item in a local market.

Brazil has major attractions to draw visitors. There is the Amazon River Basin with all the opportunities to enjoy an eco-vacation. River trips will allow for miles of viewing wildlife that is not seen elsewhere. At the opposite end of the entertainment spectrum is Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. This has been called the greatest mind-blowing celebration on earth. Brazilians and tourists from around the world take part in this annual spring festival.

A growing number of people are choosing Ecuador as a holiday spot. One of the major points of interest is a visit to the Galapagos Islands. The group of 13 islands off the coast has a staggering array of flora and fauna. The wildlife is not afraid of visitors. You can check out the blue-footed boobies and other creatures. If you prefer hiking and backpacking the Andes rise up from the white sand beaches to offer challenging high altitude treks.

The sheer size of Argentina offers many opportunities for a vacation. If you want scenic beauty, pay a visit to Iguazu Falls. This immense water formation is virtually unknown in North America, but is well worth the trip. Buenos Aires has been likened to Paris in atmosphere, architecture and opportunities to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee in one of the outdoor sidewalk cafes.

With over 3000 miles of coastline, you would be assured of finding Chile vacation activities linked to water. There are miles of beaches with opportunities to swim, dive, snorkel and surf to your heart’s content. Santiago, with its Mediterranean climate provides a selection of aromatic wines, distinctive handicrafts and appetizing cuisines to enjoy. Wandering through the architecturally exciting streets is enough activity for many vacationers.

Uruguay is considered to be one of the most stable countries on the continent. It offers a number of architectural marvels such as the Plaza de Torres in Colonia del Sacramento. The city of Montevideo is a great location for shopping or for viewing the Spanish and Italian influences in the buildings.

The South America vacation destinations provide many activities in a wide range. If you want to spend significant time in an area, you will learn more details. You can do so by signing up for one of the language classes to really appreciate the culture and language.

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