What Are Some Of The Hottest International Spring Break Vacation Destinations

With the underage drinking laws across the entire United States, if you’re a College Spring Breaker between the ages of 18 and 20 years old there is no point going to a USA destination for your Spring Break adventures. So if you want to party like there is no tomorrow you have to choose an International Spring Break destination.

There are heaps of places to head for your International Spring Break experience, below are some of the best.

The movie, The Real Cancun, showed the world just how wild Spring Break is in Cancun. Most of the time, especially during the day, Cancun Spring Break Headquarters is around Fat Tuesday, which was featured in the movie. Like Las Vegas, whatever happens in Cancun, stays in Cancun, so I don’t have to tell you how crazy it can get. Cancun is a gorgeous paradise that has grown in popularity to become the top international Spring Break destination.

If you would like to do so something different this Spring Break and do something like check out a bull fight, then Acapulco boasts the second largest arena in Mexico. As well as this you can check out the world-famous divers of La Quebrada dive 136 feet from the rocky cliffs into crashing surf below. You may have seen them on TV or in the movies. The city is also home to clubs that are among the most impressive in the world. The beaches here are endless. You just can’t beat a lazy day on the beach enjoying the breeze, the surf and the sun while keeping your cool with a tall tropical drink.

Famous for its crystal clear water and constant temperature of between 78 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit or 22 to 28 Celsius, Montego Bay, or Mo-Bay, as the locals call it, is considered the capital of Spring Break in Jamaica.

Offering an unspoiled 7 mile stretch of white sand beaches crowned by low lying cliffs is Negril in Jamaica this once sleepy little fishing village was discovered by hippies during the 1960’s.

With its close proximity to the USA, conveniently located less than 100 miles from Miami, Grand Bahama is an island paradise well known for its reef-protected shoreline, its many cays and white-sand beaches.

Once inhabited by such notables as Blackbeard, Calico Jack and Mary Reed, Nassau in the Bahamas is the place to go if it’s the pirate’s life for you. The island still provides a safe haven for those seeking to escape from despotic academics.

If you’re a college student in North America under 21, then an International Spring Break is a must-do event.

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