Winter Beers in NYC

When facing the tough chill of the season, nothing feels better than a beer from the winter season. Explore one of the many New York City brew pubs and uncover fantastic masterpieces that will have you heated up in almost no time. These top 5 winter beers are certain to do the job.

Imperial Porter by Southampton Publick House

Southampton is the home of this toasty brown concoction. With hints of cocoa, toffee, and caramel, this full-bodied brew goes down smoothly and is best savored with smoked meat and desserts. The Southampton Imperial Porter, made by Phil Markowski, is as mythical as Chick Ruth and Clark Gable, who were patrons at Southampton Publick House in the 1920s.

Winter Ale by Blue Point Brewing Company

This amber ale is as appealing to the eye as it is to the tongue, with its deep shade of mahogany, nice head, medium body that has a sweet start, followed with hints of spice, with a clean finish, that gives you the choice to either sip or swill. This Manhattan favorite is best enjoyed with smoked meats, chocolate, and coffee-flavored puddings.

Winter Lager by Samuel Adams

This is definitely one of the more popular winter beers. A careful mix of cinnamon, ginger, and citrus supply the warming sensation in this spicy, full-bodied lager. It's best coupled with winter’s favorites, duck, apple pie, and gingerbread. The best thing about it? You can find it almost anywhere!

Old Red Nose by Heartland Brewery

When the holidays come around, there’s only one red nose that will be concerning you, Old Red Nose. Brewed in Brooklyn, this beer has all the mysteries of winter. A roasted chestnut flavor carries you through hints of citrus, brown sugar, and plum to a smooth, long-lasting finish. Try it up with a mouth-watering steak and let your tastebuds swoon.

Krampus (Imperial Helles Lager) by Southern Tier Brewing Company

This dark and twisty brew is definitely a sipper. Awfully thick with a 2 finger head. Commence with a toasted malt-flavor accompanied with caramel, then ready yourself for the powerful takeover of wild hops that hint at grapefruit rind. Visit the site for a haunting story of Krampus, Santa’s evil side kick.

Beat the winter and slip into one of the most popular brew pubs in New York City to unfreeze off, or run into the corner store and pick up a case of heat. Whatever you do, don't let these flavorful brews pass you by this winter.

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