Zoos and Aquariums in New York

Big Apple is a bling, upscale city. Nevertheless there are cost-effective activities that are worth checking out. You'll find fun for everyone at any one of the many Zoos in New York.

Central Park Zoo

One zoo in New York is the Central Park Zoo. The zoo features a 4-D theatre, a Snow Leopard exhibit, the Central Garden & Sea Lion Pool, the Polar Circle, a rainforest and a children’s zoo. Visitors can see penguin feedings and sea lion feedings. The Central Park Zoo offers programs and classes for youngsters, families and adults. Visitors can also go on a group tours of the zoo, controlled by a Central Park Zoo guide.

Bronx Zoo

Another zoo in NY is the Bronx Zoo. The Bronx Zoo features a Butterfly Garden, Congo Gorilla Forest, Madagascar, a Bug Carousel, a children?s zoo and Dora & Diego’s 4-D Excitement. Visitors can see lion feedings and penguin feedings. The Bronx Zoo has summer programs designed to teach kids between the ages of five and 17. The zoo also has an Animal life Theatre, which puts on interactive shows to teach visitors about nature.

Prospect Park Zoo

Prospect Park Zoo features a sea lion court, a discovery trail and a barn & garden. The zoo has two exhibits called Dazzling Animals and Animals in Art. The Sea Lion Court is the hottest exhibit at the Prospect Park Zoo and performs feeding demonstrations 3 times each day. The Prospect Park Zoo offers youth and family programs also.

The Queens Zoo

The Queens Zoo features a South American Trail, a Forest Trail, a Bird house and a Waterfowl Bog. Visitors can see Sea Lion feedings at the Queens Zoo. Mini-camp programs are run at the Queens Zoo to teach children about nature. The mini-camp programme has behind the curtain tours led by zoo staff.

New York Aquarium

Another well-liked attraction is the New York Aquarium, which features a Sea Lion show, Sea Cliffs, Conversation Hall and the Cheerful Feet 4-D Experience. Visitors to this New York Aquarium can see Sea Otter feedings, Shark feedings and Penguin feeding.

Long Island Aquarium and Exhibition Center

Families who love sea life will enjoy a trip to the Long Island Aquarium and Exhibition Center, previously known as Atlantis Marine World, simply an hour and a half from the town. The Aquarium has unique journeys for its visitors, ranging from embarking on a behind-the-scenes tour to feeding stingrays in the Ray Bay touch tank. With a variety of Aquatic Adventure to choose between as well as a Sea Lion Show, visitors will not be at a complete loss for things worth doing at this family friendly aquarium.

Zoos in New York, as well as aquariums, are a great source of entertainment for kids and adults. Everybody can learn something new from visiting these attractions, all while having fun with all the family.

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