A Succinct Look At Oriental Symbolism Meanings

The Chinese symbols had included all the characters, signs and alphabets which were used in China for thousands of years and reached a amazing number of eighty thousand approximately. Now of course the use of Chinese symbols has been greatly curtailed.

The use of the symbols in the Chinese language is becoming less and less as the language has evolved over the years. But in the art form these symbols have immense value. They are highly appealing to the eye and the whole world recognizes the beauty of these symbols.

The use of the Chinese symbols in China is as popular as ever. You can see them in many places especially in expressions of art and architecture. The Chinese people are using these symbols to mark their products like kitchenware etc. There is another aim to these symbols which are related to superstition which is still followed in Chinese culture.

Whatever may be the meaning the physical structure of the traditional symbols from China has special artistic appeal. But when you go to the depth of these symbols you will find that they represent great philosophies which go back in time and are still in use.

The Chinese symbol meanings cover a broad range of meanings ranging from the most positive to the extremely negative. The traditional belief is that by incorporating positive Chinese symbols in your life you can expect good thing to come your way. They truly believed that these symbols had the power to attract good fortune.

This principle may hold true or not is subject to personal faith. As far as Chinese people are concerned the symbols are extremely meaningful in their life in terms of their beauty as well as their consequences on their life by including them.

The traditional symbol of five bats linked together into one sign represents good fortune and is extremely popular. These five bats are taken to show love, longevity, health, wealth and virtue. To make the symbol more powerful it may be represented in red color.

You will find another symbol in many places in modern Chinese society which is the sunset symbol. Sun as Chinese see it is the origin of the Yang energy and has remarkable potency.

Sun depicts a number of things to the Chinese people. One of the meanings is that sun provides stability to the society which has its roots in popular ancient legends. Other than this sun is also the source of energy and purification and is therefore highly respected by the Chinese.

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