Awesome Monuments Throughout New York City

There are a number of New York monuments around NYC most of which make excellent places to do sightseeing like the Statute of Liberty, the Ground Zero Memorial, the Grand Army Plaza and Grants Tomb. New York monuments are seriously popular to visit, and many individuals like coming each year to take in the sights various monuments in New York.

The Statute of Liberty

Standing 151 feet above Big Apple Harbor, The Statute of Liberty was finished in 1886. She’s a vision with a torch that folk all look to for inspiration. Visitors will have to take a ferry to see it close up and go up inside the statue and read about its history. This New York monument is a symbol of freedom, a present from France saluting the shared ideals of the two countries. It is a must see for all visitors to the Big Apple area, and a fantastic opportunity for photos and postcards.

The Ground Zero Memorial

This is the place where the twin towers stood before the attacks on 9-11. The monument was opened in September, 2011 to venerate the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and respect those who died. The monument itself is made of 2 big fountains, each marking where the towers once stood. The beautiful fountains cascade 30 feet below street level, making them the biggest man made waterfalls in the US. There’s also a museum in-house where visitors can learn more and honor those lost. It’s a very emotional yet crucial place for any American to visit.

The Grand Army Plaza

The Grand Army Plaza has the spirit of Paris and echoes the famous Arc de Triomphe. The encompassing roadway is in an oval shape and many onlookers admire the design of this monument, a large stone arch at the entrance to Prospect Park. Visitors can simply drive by and look at it or they can get out and walk around it. For those who opt to get a closer look they will be treated by the copious fountains which can sometimes be seen within the grand entrance to the park.

The Grants Tomb

This great Manhattan monument was built in 1897, and is the final resting place of Ulysses S. Grant, the Civil War General and later US President. Found in Riverside Park in Manhattan, the grand mausoleum overlooks the Hudson River. This landmark is an absolute must see for history and Civil War buffs visiting New York. Latterly, a public art project and sculpture next to the tomb has made the monument more alluring to see.

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