Bridges Across Miami

Miami is a city situated in the south east of Florida, one of the most populated counties in the States, because of the nature of the city itself. The city is is home to a collection established firms both across the nation and worldwide. Behind those magnificent sky-scrapers, the city of Miami holds other architecture that travelers definitely would love to in experienceing. These are the important bridges in Miami, which will definitely add to the experience when travelers visit Miami.

Hook Square Bridge

Miami has a trio of truss bridges, the longest one is the Hook Square Bridge, opened in 1930. Erected over the Miami Canal where it meets Hook Square in Miami Springs, this bridge runs a total length of 132 feet. Historically consequential, this bridge was built with exposed structural rails on both sides of the road where passengers travel.

Curtiss Parkway Bridge

The Curtiss Parkway Bridge is another kind of bridge called a swinging truss bridge. Originally built in 1924 and refurbished in 1941, the Cutlass Parkway Bridge was the first major bridge to cross the Miami Canal in the Hialeah area. It is designed to have a center which revolves to allow boats travelling through the canal to move through the bridge. The bridge presently runs with a total length of 109.9 feet.

McDaniel Memorial Bridge

The McDaniel Bridge was built in 1939 by Massman Construction Company of Kansas City, Missouri. It was structured to have a metal riveted cantilever through truss which extends its length for a length of 2072 feet. This bridge is known to be the very first bridge recorded by, an institution which hopes to promote and preserve historic bridges in the United States.

Coral Gables Canal Bridge

Coral Gables Canal Bridge, situated along Hardee Road (64th Street) over Coral Gables Canal was built in 1930. The bridge employs a deck concrete arch design. Concrete arch bridges are the second most typical types of bridges found in Miami. This bridge is open to the traffic and very talked-about, since with heavy water traffic in the area, it still permits motorists to cross without waiting for boats to pass like they do on bascule bridges. The arches of this bridge are also built tall enough to permit boats to pass beneath easily.

Collins Canal Bridge is a bridge made from concrete arches over Collins Canal on West 23rd Street.. This bridge built in 1926 is the longest concrete bridge still functioning in Miami. It basically will allow the motorists to cross over Collins Canal while traveling in Miami Beach. Though the architect of the bridge is still unrecorded to this date this bridge was refurbished in 1962 and still preserves its historic condition.

Tamiami Canal Railroad Bridge

Tamiami Canal Railroad Bridge is another fascinating bridge in Miami because in contrast to the prior bridges, this is a swing-type of bridge made of pratt through truss. What makes this bridge different is its main feature of being movable like a bascule bridge. The center leaf of the bridge pivots swing to the sides for boats to pass. Built in 1926 for the Seaboard Air Line Railway, this bridge runs 124 feet long and crosses the Tamiami Canal on Northwest South Stream Drive in the city of Miami Springs.

Old Rip Rap Road Bridge

Old Rip Rap Road Bridge found in Montgomery, Ohio crossing the Great Miami River was erected in 1923. It happens to be one of the Miami bridges built in the truss bridge era. This bridge has been successfully restored and reopened for public transportation. Nowadays it serves as the dead-end part of the Great Miami Recreation Trail bike trail.

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