Bridges in New Orleans

The town of New Orleans in the great state of Louisiana boasts about the most frantic metropolitan area, busy port and its rich multilingual as well as cross cultural heritage. The city has a lot to offer apropos entertainment, fun and celebrations. There are some important bridges in New Orleans that connect the town to rest of the continent. Following are 1 or 2 New Orleans bridges that are well known for their application and historical architecture:

Crescent City Connection

The Crescent Bridge, formerly called the Bigger New Orleans Bridge is 4,093 meters in length; 28 meters wide (westbound) and 16 meters in width (eastbound). Development of the bridge started in 1954 and it was opened in 1958 and at this point of time, it was actually the longest cantilever bridge of the world. The daily traffic load on the eastbound part is roughly 180,000.

Claiborne Avenue Bridge

The Claiborne Avenue Bridge which is also referred to as the Judge William Seeber Bridge, is a vertical lift bridge built over the Industrial Canal. Louisiana Office of Highways built and opened the bridge for autos in 1957. The bridge has suffered a considerable number of natural accidents including a barge in 1993 and Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Norfolk Southern Lake Pontchartrain Bridge

The Norfolk Southern Lake Pontchartrain Bridge carries a single railway track of the Norfolk Southern Train line connecting New Orleans with Slidell. The bridge is 5.8 miles in length which makes it the longest railroad bridge of US and doubtless the longest Over Water Rail Bridge of the world. This bridge is mostly employed by the Norfolk Southern cargo trains.

Florida Avenue Bridge

The Florida Avenue Bridge over the Industrial Canal is a vertical lift bridge accommodating two automobile lanes, one railway track and two sidewalks. The bridge has derived its name from the Florida Avenue, one of the first 4 New Orleans bridges built in 1920s by the Port of New Orleans. Due to hazards causing to sea navigation, the old Florida Avenue Bridge was removed in 2000 and then the current bridge with its robust steel structure was built in 2005.

I-10 Twin Span Bridge

I-10 Twin Span Bridge is also called the Twin Spans and it is consisted of two trestle bridges running parallel. The bridge connects the Lake Pontchartrain with Slidell. The bridge is 5.4 miles long and 60 feet in width. It suffered serious damage in 2005 by one of the worsts hurricanes of all times, Katrina, and having a look at its weakness to natural calamities, a call for reconstruction is under consideration.

St. Claude Avenue Bridge

St. Claude Avenue Bridge over the Industrial Canal is a bascule bridge with four automobile lanes. At first the bridge accommodated both car tracks and railroads; however the railroad is not there anymore. Saint Claude Avenue is incorporated in the structure of the Industrial Canal Lock and it can be raised to help the passage of marine traffic.

Almonaster Avenue Bridge

The Almonaster Avenue Bridge, assembled in 1919 is a bascule bridge with two vehicle lanes of the Almonaster Road and 2 Commercial Canal bound train line tracks. It's one of the first four Bridges in New Orleans build by the Port of New Orleans.

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