Bring The Whole Family To A St. Augustine Vacation

Experience trekking through the alleys of an ancient city once ruled by early settlers who are real natives of the place. While subsequently they were pushed out by explorers like the English, French and Spanish, they remain part of the legendary history of an old city later known as St. Augustine. At one point the pirates ruled by their might and a little help from nature. Later the English conquered not only the French’s mighty fort but also their formidable armada. When all the dust settled, the charming town of St. Augustine emerged as legend that will last to these days.

The old and new North America is found in the city’s natural charm and rare mix of history. St. Augustine attracts historians, sun seekers, artists and families who love the adventures in the water. Nestled on the eastern shore of Florida, this Old City boasts of an intriguing combination of legend and exciting activities.

Contemporary St. Augustine traces its history back to Henry Flagler, a railroad pioneer who in the 1880’s crafted the city into a destination for rich tourists. One of his projects, the former Hotel Alcazar, is now the abode of the Lightner Museum. Made in 1887 in the Spanish Renaissance style, architects Carrere and Hastings were specially made by Flagler to devise the Alcazar and the Ponce de Leon Hotel.

Another historical wonder is the St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum which shelters the leading assortment of real pirate artifacts in the world, including an authentic pirate treasure trunk and flags bearing the Jolly Roger.

While St. Augustine is packed with history and a wide array of shopping and dining destinations, it is always a place where you should have your towel and sunscreen once you emerge from your St. Augustine vacation rental property. While the surf maybe a bit rough in this part of Florida, you will still find enough beach side activity. Sailing, kayaking, scuba diving will surely keep your adrenalin pumping throughout the day.

If you seek some excitement, visit the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park. This oldest continuously running attraction in Florida first opens in 1893 featuring 20 species of crocodiles and a host of other reptiles, mammals and birds. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not gives a bizarre experience when you witness its collection of oddities all in display.

To compliment the history of your vacation, think about a stay at one of the many historical bed and breakfast inns situated throughout the city or choose a relaxing St. Augustine vacation rental property that you really feel comfortable with. Visit now!

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