Discover How To Enjoy A Better Price In Cardiff

Thinking about spending a few days in Cardiff. The city is easily accessed from different modes of transport including taking your car. There are a number of different car parks around the city with some of the attractions offering free car parking. Here are a few places to visit when you are here in the capital city.

The bay area of the city has over the couple of years over gone a huge transportation and is now an up and coming area of Wales. There are plenty of eating places and things to do for couples and families such as ice skating and swimming and the new Doctor Who exhibition. A good idea is take a ferry from here across to the town of Penarth by doing so you will be able to view the barrage and all the comings and goings out to the Channel which leads to Bristol.

You can’t visit Wales without viewing the castle in Cardiff. The remains are set to be over 2 millennium years old with history from the Romans and even the Normans. Who could resist a history like this plenty of grounds to cover with lavish rooms to view all of which can be heard as well as seen on a guided tour of the castle.

Wanting to go on a ghost hunt in the middle of Cardiff? You can do so nearby to the castle which is only a short walk away. Walking with torches in the dark who could say no to this fab idea while in the city.

The Millennium Stadium is more famous for rugby than anything else. There are live music events and football events often held through out the year at the stadium. This year there is even a Mardi Gras held in August 2013 which should prove to be a popular event. Big stars which have appeared here are Rihanna and Bruce Springsteen.

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