Do Women Secretly Like Getting Hit On Or Are You Just Fooled?

Many men have a hard time going up to and hitting on women because men have a misconception that women hate being hit on. This is a myth that women have perpetuated and a myth that men have been completely duped into. Belief in this false myth causes most men to hate and fear approaching and hitting on women. He’ll think, “Women hate being hit on by men so if I go up to her, she’ll think I’m a creep…”

Many women will say they don’t really like it or that it agitates them but the the truth is, women love being hit on. They love it and cannot get enough of it. It is a great, quick stroke for their self esteem and ego. Because all women want to feel attractive and desirable, a random stranger approaching them and hitting on them verifies that they are in fact desirable.

Most women, no matter how hot they are, will have some level of self consciousness and doubt about their attractiveness factor. The act of men hitting on them serves to alleviate those doubts and therefore corroborate their attractiveness.

If you have ever overheard women discussing how they dislike being hit on or a female friend admitted to you how annoying it is, you’ve just witnessed the female psychology at work. Although they secretly enjoy it, they can not explicitly confess to this. They need to hide it and pretend to dislike it simply because the female social dynamic demands it.

For women (and men to some extent), their perceived social status is of the utmost importance. They have to protect this social status within their group dynamic at all costs. If they freely admit to enjoy being hit on, they are in danger of being labelled as sluts or attention-mongers. Labels such as these will lower their social value and so must be avoided at all costs.

Additionally, if women hated attention and being hit on, makeup would be a dead business instead of the $170 billion dollar industry it is. They would put on shapeless T-shirts and motel curtains, and the whole beauty industry would go bankrupt. There are those men, though, that have been duped into believing another lie. That women don’t dress up for men, they dress up for other women.

There is some truth to this and it has to do with some kind of complicated social group dynamics that only sociologists can decipher. However, this means nothing in the greater scheme of attracting women because even if this is true, ultimately, this means women are competing with each other for male attention. They dress up for other women so that they can look better than them or outdo them, but for what purpose? Besides the psychological ego gratification type explanations, ultimately, they do this to compete for male validation and male attention.

There is a huge catch to this however. Women enjoy being hit on by real guys hitting on them properly. If you think you can go up to any woman and say rubbish pickup lines or rude, condescending sexual innuendos like “I like your butt” and think that they will like it, you are retarded. This is not hitting on women, this is being a jerk that no woman will accept. Therefore, you should learn the appropriate way to hit on women and the proper things to say.

Recognize, know, and believe that women want and love being hit on. They want you to come up to them and talk to them, assuming you look presentable and you do it properly. Destroy the false dogma in your mind that thinks that women will think you’re a creep if you hit on them. By changing this frame of mind, you are halfway to success to hitting on women.

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