Driving Around Ireland Advice

Anyone who is flying into Ireland for the first time will be excited about visiting the old country. However they may be apprehensive about driving a stick car on the opposite side of the road they are used to driving in. A good tip would be to try and practice perhaps in an empty shopping mall about driving on the left hand side of the road. Another good tip is to try and purchase a guide to travelling in your new country before you set so you are at least familiar with some sign posts.

The one thing which often confuses renters in Ireland is the amount of excess they need to pay and why they need to leave a deposit. Generally the deductible is a large deposit which is held on your card until you return the vehicle with no damage and then your excess is unfrozen back to you card. A policy can be bought to reduce the amount and is commonly known as a CDW policy.

Sometimes your credit card company can help you cover any damage cover which you may need when you are renting a car in a different country. Always check before you leave though as sometimes they may not cover the excess in the country you are visiting. It is worth giving them a call to discuss your travel arrangements and letting them know when and where you are travelling.

Renting a car in Derry be sure to take along your driving license, passport and credit card as part of you ID when collecting your vehicle. Before travelling you are best to book your car hire because you will know the price involved before you land and have no hidden surprises when you sign the rental contract.

Seatbelts are compulsory in Ireland for all drivers. Children are asked to use a seat until their 12th birthday or until they reach a certain height which is 135 cm.

Another rule which is breaking the law if not followed and that is the use of mobile phones which is prohibited while driving your vehicle. Another law is that the driver can not take drugs or drink alcohol while driving as both impact on the drivers’ judgement when behind the wheel of a car.

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