How To Approach Women: The Myth

You are in a bar/ club/ bookstore/ cafe/ mandarin cooking class and you spot a hottie on the other side. You would give anything to approach her, strike up a conversation and prove how charming and witty you are. When she glances at you and make eye contact, you drop your gaze, reposition your drink in front of you, wuss out and then shuffle along to the bathroom.

As you go home, alone, the incident plays out over and over in your bummed out brain. You’re thinking about all the could haves, would haves, or should have that is making you feel dejected, depressed, small, and a big wussie.

Cold approaching and the related approach anxiety is the biggest barrier men have when trying to pick up women. How do you approach women? How do you go up to a woman and start talking to her? How do you stop her on the street? How do get up the courage to go up to a gorgeous woman?

Regardless of what the relationship experts or the pickup artists are pitching, there is no “magic” formula or super secret technique that lets a man go from zero to hero by reading an ebook or watching a video.

There is no “magic” pheromone cologne, there is no magic subliminal body language technique, there is no arcane, secret Don Juan magic. Anybody who claim this is full of BS and any man who believes this is beyond help.

But don’t despair, there be hope! Although there is no voodoo magic, there exists systematic techniques that can take you from lonely to getting as many women as you want. But this takes practice, hard work, commitment, and self improvement.

Approaching and subsequently attracting women is a skill, and like any other skill, it can be learned, practiced, honed, and ultimately mastered. How successful you are will eventually depend on factors such as natural talent, desire, how hard you practice and apply, and your propensity for self improvement.

Between the many pickup artist systems, relationship experts and how-to ebooks on this matter, there is a basic structure and concepts that are shared throughout the different systems.

This isn’t a big secret or some mystical technique, but a concept that applies not only women but relationships and life in general. These are: confidence, common sense, mindset, self improvement, and body language.

This is so obvious to the point of being general knowledge. However, what separates the zeros from the heroes is the practice, hard work, and the effort put into developing this skill set. The Heroes actually took the time and energy to learn and apply this skill while the lonely zeros wait around for some alien to give them a magic ring.

Being a badass that knows how to approach women and attracting anyone that he desires is a journey, a journey of self improvement of body and mind. Like any relevant skill, there is no shortcuts, the journey is hard, but the rewards are great.

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