How To Approach Women: The Prerequisites

Arguably the most important step in Picking Up women is the cold approach. To most men, going up to women they don’t know with the intention of attracting them is probably the scariest thing you can do, scarier even than public speaking. To do this, you need a different type of courage then swimming with sharks or getting into a fist fight with a bigger man.

Bad new is that cold approaching a woman is probably one of the scariest thing you can do. Even worse, if you work up the courage to unconfidently approach a beautiful woman, the inevitable stare, cold shoulder, and rejection will completely devastate your ego and will to live.

Good news is that this approach anxiety can be reduced and overcome with enough practice and application. Given enough repetition, even the excruciating pain of rejection will start to diminish until the day comes when you don’t get rejected at all.

How To Approach Women: The Prerequisites

1) Confidence

The most important element to seducing women that all pickup artists, relationship gurus, and seduction experts agree on is confidence. The biggest quality that attracts a woman to a man is not how he looks, his dashing personality, or even heaps of cash, it is confidence.

A man who has self-esteem, power, and money will naturally appear confident. Therefore if a man is confident, it is implied that he has power, money, and self-esteem. It is this implication and not the reality that will attract a woman to a man. The way you present yourself to the woman is the only clue the woman has to your actuality.

The 1st prerequisite to picking up a woman is building up confidence, more confidence, and then some more confidence.

2) Grooming

If you dress like a slob, look like a slob, and groom like a slob, then you will be a slob and more importantly be a slob towards women. Any man, properly exercised, fashioned, and groomed will be presentable, and maybe even attractive. Like in the reality makeover shows, if an unattractive woman gets made over well, the result is pretty amazing.

This means gym time, showers, deodorant, shaving, shopping, polishing, haircuts, laundry, and EFFORT. There’s something magical about looking your best. If you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you’re confident, and if you’re confident, you radiate a certain aura that is very attractive.

This doesn’t just apply to when you’re on a date either. Always look good because you don’t know when the opportunity will present itself.

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

3) Communication Skills

You succeeded in approaching a woman and start a conversation without getting the cold shoulder or laughed away. You two are talking and laughing and making a connection when, bam! you run out of things to say. She looks at you expectantly, disappointedly, disinterestedly, then dismissively. Oops… Game over.

The seduction game is like a sales pitch, you have a restricted quantity of time to sell on your own, and if you don’t make a good pitch that time, then you don’t make the sale and you go home lonely. Also if you do not have the gift for blabbery, you could learn this vital skill.

But you can’t take a magic pill to magically learn this skill, it takes effort and constant practice. If you’re an introvert and don’t really enjoy conversing with strangers, you just need to learn to “turn it on” when the situation calls for it.

Practice starting up innocent talks with arbitrary individuals through the day and this will certainly build your confidence for when it actually matters.

4) Body Language

55 % of communication is visual which implies that over one-half of what we say to others, we say with our body. Even when you’re saying something, your body could be communicating something else.

Knowledge of body language is crucial due to the fact that ladies have a strong sense of instinct, what we describe as a BS meter. So if your words are badass yet your body is communicating you’re scared, ladies will pick up on that and game over.

Somebody versed in body language could observe a man trying to seduce a woman and predict whether he’s going to succeed or not. He could likewise gauge the interest level of the girl and the actual quality of the man.

Yes, this is a lot of information and a lot of skills to master, but like any skill, it will take practice and effort. And like any relevant skill, there is no shortcuts, the journey is hard, but the rewards are great.

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