How To Attract A Girl You Like? – Best Dating Advice For Men

Attracting a woman needs to be done better rather than just picking lines. The answer lies in developing your inner game so that you can become the guy who will naturally attract women. As you go through the steps of being a man, you automatically know the right things to say to a woman for her to be attracted to you. Here are some 4 easy ways that you may follow to attract a woman:

1. Have a casual approach

Undoubtedly, the last thing that any girl wants is a guy who starts to call her endlessly following a fun night out. In case you act in this kind of manner after the first few dating days, its better you judge yourself as desperate. Instead, try to keep cool and do not rush into anything. In fact, it is advisable to allow her to be the one to move things on to the next level. This way, you will end up gaining her respect and you may even stand a shot at that long term relationship that you seek.

2. Make your intentions known

When you have made the few dates and you are sure that you like each other, then its time to style up and be a man enough. There is no woman who likes a man who is not confident enough to make the first moves even for the first kiss. Therefore, do not let her down. Making this move will make her to feel sexy as well as attractive and she will be sure that you are the kind of guy whom she is looking for.

Be affectionate

It has been common in old adage that there is no one who is ever happy to get anything that they have not worked for. Well, the same is true for dating and women. In case you are the only one who is making the moves and she is not, then she might never value or appreciate you. So ensure that she is reaching out to you as much as you are, if not more. Occasionally, have her come over to your place and pick you up for a night out or ask her to help you run small errands here and there. The more work your girl puts in the relationship, the more she will value it and want to get more out of (including sex).

4. Be unpredictable

The single biggest mistake that guys make with women is, arguably, being predictable. While it may seem that women appreciate knowing exactly what the two of you will do when you get together or when you will call, the reality is that being predictable kills the two most important things that women long for when in a relationship – anticipation and excitement. It is thus prudent not to always call, or alternatively, invite her over in order to take her out but take her to the bedroom instead. If you always keep her guessing, chances are that she will be around for a long time.

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