How To Pass The Test That All Hot Women Give And Become A Date Candidate

Amongst the reasons approaching a beautiful woman is so tough is the congruence test. An attractive woman gets hit on as much as 15 times a day! Because of this, she needs a very reliable system to rapidly filter out the monkeys from the possibles.

A congruence test is a test to see if you are actually as confident as you seem to be, typically by throwing a fussy comment or insulting you in some manner. It is to see how you, their prospective date, reacts to a stressful stimulus. The reasoning is, if you can put up with her extreme opinions and emotions, you might have the ability to handle her in real life.

A congruence test can be offensive, dejecting, and just plain mean. It is designed to shake your confidence so that a poser will run away. These are some of the tests you can expect to be given:

“Do you always hit on girls at bars?”

“How much money do you make?”

“I only talk to good looking guys.”

“What car do you drive?”

“Run along, shorty.”

“Sorry, I’m not interested”

“I only talk to good looking guys.”

and my personal favorite, “Who the HELL are you?”

Pretty harsh! If you experienced a congruence test, it seems like you have actually been kicked in the balls, then to the face, then stabbed in the stomach … At the same time, your ego plummets faster than you can flee from her. Good news is that this is a filtering mechanism and doesn’t necessarily mean the woman is not interested. There are 4 techniques you can use to turn her rudeness into a flirtation and prove to her that you can handle a woman who is a little bitchy sometimes.

1) Flip the script!

Flipping the script means that you’re using whatever she said as leverage and throw it back to them. If she says, “I only talk with good looking men.” You can simply reply, “Is that why you’re so attracted to me?” Or if she says “You’re a little chubby, aren’t you?” You can respond, “Yeah! We should lose a couple pounds together.” This will surprise and most likely amuse her. It’ll soften her up if nothing else.

2) Misinterpret

Misinterpretation means that any time a woman tests you for congruence, you “accidentally” misinterpret it as a sexual come on. If she says “Where’d you get those ugly shoes?” or “Do you always hit on girls at bars?” She’s giving you a congruence test and wants to rattle you a bit. Respond with “Look, I’ve just met you, don’t come on to me too fast.” She’ll end up being the surprised one, and you will successfully pass her testing.

3) Ignore

Just brush it off. Continue with whatever plan you had. Or, pretend she said something different. “Nah, I don’t feel like dancing right now. Perhaps a little later though.” Do not get caught up in her game; she really just wants to know that you won’t be frightened by it, she doesn’t need a sparring partner.

4) Play along

Another way to surprise her and turn the conversation onto a more favorable track is to simply make the remark fun by playing along. “I might ask you the same thing!” meets her at her level of intensity and acknowledges her hesitation to engage you but turns the confrontation into something enjoyable.

That’s it!

When you get over your approach anxiety, and approach a woman with all the confidence you are able to conjure up and she responds with a mean comment, it is easy to get dejected. Just remember that she is testing you. She has done this to all the chumps that came before you. But you are not an average chump, so don’t hesitate – even for a second – or she’ll know that she has had an effect on you. As soon as she throws a congruence test at you, don’t waver in your confidence and deliver your reply. Be confident, stay confident, and don’t let her shake that confidence.

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