Key Facts About Asian Family Symbols

Family system has not yet been thrown away by the Japanese people and same is the case of the family symbols also. ‘Ka-mon’, the Japanese term for family symbols was originated from ‘Ka’ and ‘mon’ which mean family with its own ancestral tree and emblem respectively. History of Ka-mon traces back to 1200 AD.

A similar concept rose around the same time in European history. This was known as the coat of arms. These facts have led many people to investigate the resemblances between the family crest in both the cultures.

No doubt, the Japanese family symbol boasts multiple and unique features which are impossible to decipher by giving them generalized explanations.

There are no certain rules for the construction of Japanese family symbols. Usually mon is found as a disc-shaped symbol encompassing any figure of plants, animals, man-made objects and mythical or real figures.

Kanji symbols are usually found in Japanese family crest. Religious symbols and geometrical patterns also can be seen. The whole lot of these things are put down in a distracted manner.

Although there are no predefined rules for the construction of mon symbols, their names are determined by the figures they consist of. Unlike the European symbols, the name is only a description of the symbol and does not express the real representation of it. The figures on these symbols become fashion throughout the ages as they get the label of custom and mythology.

There is not a specified rule for the colour selection also. However, they are commonly found in monochrome. The usage of family symbols are unaccustomed in Japan nowadays. Although there are some families that stick to use them, several families will find it difficult to identify their mon because it has been labelled as an old-fashioned practice.

There may be particular situations where a mon may be required by a family. In such cases the temple records come in handy that have registries of ancestral home towns of the people. There are a number of ways in which the Japanese people can seek help if they wish to find their family symbol.

The Japanese family symbols are obtainable for sale at many of the conventional arts and crafts shops around the world. You will find the family symbol to be used in the interior decorations of restaurants as well as on ceramic roof tiles. Many Japanese packed foods also contain the mon.

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