Monuments Across Miami

There are many great monuments in Miami that are listed on the U.S. list of National Historical Landmarks, a superb tool for anyone anyone searching for unique places to go visit and has a want to learn more about the history of the United States.

Freedom Tower

Perhaps the most well known of the Miami monuments is Freedom Tower. Commonly referred to as the Ellis Island of Miami, Freedom Tower is where many Cubans came to immigrate to the United States. The tower was given to Miami Dade College and is now used often to host art exhibits. This landmark is situated in the heart of Miami is picturesque and an ideal spot for photos.

Miami Biltmore Hotel and Members Club

The Miami Biltmore is a luxury unlike all others. The spa services, the peerlessly maintained golf course, unparalleled dining experiences (such as Palme d’Or, which was ranked best overall experience by Zagat), the Biltmore Culinary Academy (where celebrity chefs give hands on lessons to guests), all mix to give a classy and refined experience for any visitor.

Ferdinand Magellan-United States Car No. 1

One of the Miami monuments that is at the Gold Coast Railroad Museum is the Ferdinand Magellan, the first Presidential Rail Car. While the original interior of the train is no longer available for public viewing the long history of this car makes it a vital part of American History. This auto was one of the last private train cars that were ever built and it is the sole passenger car on the registrar of National Historic Landmarks. The Gold Coast Railroad Museum is an affordable and fascinating place to speedily learn plenty about American History. Any person with a healthy interest in trains will have a great time having a hands-on experience with the retired train cars and a great opportunity to ride some of the trains which have been restored by the general public.

The Miami Circle At Brickell Point Site

This landmark is an archaeological locale of the Tequesta Indians from 2000 years in the past. A perfect circle cut into the rock is a site to see. The park is quiet and wide open, offering a unique waterfront and a great place for a a calming afternoon inside of the busy city. This is one of the latest monuments in Miami to be inducted to the National Register of Historic Places. Tours of the burial sites are presented by the Historic Museum of Southern Florida.

Vizcay Museum And Gardens

Monuments in Miami, especially the Vizcay Museum and Gardens, give the culture of Miami its unique flavour. This museum is owned by Miami-Dade county and the pretty design, architecture and plants make it a fabulous location for novice and experienced photographers alike. These gardens are full of striking rare and exotic plants that are maintained marvellously. The open air house has been the home of several influential Americans over history and rebuilt numerous times with luxurious accouterments each time.

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