Monuments Across Seattle

Seattle, Washington is one of the most unique and distinguished cities in the U. S.. With all types of comforts,, tourist attractions and opportunities, Seattle has lots to offer to many people. The town of Seattle is probably one of the most popular tourist destinations and is also among the top places to live. Like many other cities, Seattle has many tourist draws and landmarks that appeal to visitors. One of the most intriguing landmarks in the city are the monuments in Seattle. The monuments in Seattle offer fascinating perspectives for visitors when visiting in Seattle. The varied Seattle monuments permit visitors to get a particularly big impression of the town.

Smith Tower Observation Deck

This monument is located on Second Avenue and was constructed in 1914. Smith Tower is commonly known as Seattle’s favorite building among both residents and tourists. With the Smith Tower people will be in a position to get great views of Seattle’s mountain, downtown and waterfront areas. One of the features of the Smith Tower is that it happens to be one of the world’s tallest buildings and the tallest building in the United States outside of NY City. Going to the Smith Tower is really worth the trip.

The Space Needle

This is easily recognizable as of the world’s most renowned and distinguished monuments. It is found on Broad Street and was built in 1962 for the World Fair. This monument is among the most unique and appealing on the planet. Folks can take a lift when entering the monument and go up to 525 feet in only 41 seconds. Once they get to the top they're going to be allowed get to the observation platform and see for miles. The views offered to tourists are the Pudget Sound, Lake Union, Elliot Bay and the total downtown of Seattle. Visiting the Space Needle, visitors who enter the structure may be able to use complimentary Swarovski Telescopes that provide magnified views of Seattle and its environment. This monument also has a restaurant named Sky City and a section that shows historical facts about the city.

Boeing Factory

This monument is the HQ and manufacturing center for the famous Boeing Airplanes. When visiting the factory people may be able to go on tours and view the 747, 767, and 777 Boeing aeroplanes at their various steps in production. The building is one of the most sizable in the world. With the Boeing factory, folks will be in a position to have accessibility to one of the unique monuments in Seattle.

Visiting Seattle is sure to be a extraordinarily enjoyable experience for many of us. The town offers many things worth doing and places to see. One of the finest sorts of places to see in Seatttle are the monuments. The monuments offer visitors a great opportunity to see some of the most famous monuments in not only the United States, but in the world.

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