Pets And Devon A Good Holiday Choice

Along the English coast you will find a popular resort called Devon and Cornwall. There are many pretty villages in this area which not only caters for children but animals too. There are endless beaches with crashing waves onto the shore which everyone appears to love while walking there dogs. With a lot of nature footpaths which can lead you to almost anywhere is a big hit with one and all.

A train and boat ride away from Dartmoor will lead you down to here with its navy connections and quaint town centre you can easily wallow a few hours sight seeing and travelling back in time to view the Tudor buildings and architecture. Take a stroll down the paths and you will easily find yourself by a little village pub with facilities for dogs or just chatting away to the local shop keepers. Dogs are very welcome here whether in the shop or beside a pub.

Fair to say that Devon beaches even in the cool winter months can offer a respite for a dog and their owner. A number of beaches may have their own restricted areas when you are walking your dog in the summer mainly due to the high level of tourists but the autumn through to spring months take on a whole different look during those months when the visitor levels are down. Dogs will love the crashing waves and little coves which appear all over this rugged landscape.

There are plenty of friendly dog accommodation around this area and indeed all over the Devon and Cornwall coast line. Plenty of opportunity to stay over night at the weekend or if you have the time to spend one or two weeks then there is ample of pet friendly accommodation.

The local coastal pubs are quaint around this rugged coast line and are most enjoyable in the summer with their beer gardens enabling you to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine with you four legged friend. In the winter time the pub will take on a different atmosphere with mainly locals going for a pub drink and sitting by the warm coal fire reminiscing about the good old days. Your dog will be most welcome to come and sit by the fire offering comfort to those around .

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