Possible Ways To Improve Jet Lag

Travelling by air is probably the best mode of transport between countries. The one thing everyone has in common is jet lag. This is normally when your body feels out of sync due to time travel as you will arrive in a country which is a few hours ahead of your own time zone. An example of this would be to arrive at your destination in the morning although you may have left your own country in the morning. Your body feels a little confused. The following will help with the jet lag.

Avoid any tea or coffee on the plane and drink plenty of water. Sounds good advise but how many of us actually listen to this. By avoiding the caffeine drinks you will be able to keep your body hydrated instead of dehydrated which would happen if a lot of caffeine enters your body. You will low in energy as studies have proven by drinking the energy drinks instead of feeling you have lots of energy.

Long flights offer you various attractions like movies and a chance to catch up on the gossip with your friends. Flights which are around 12 hours long are probably too long for you to stay awake so why not try sleeping for a few hours as studies have shown that by trying to sleep even for a short while will help your body adjust. Avoid taking a sleeping pill if you can.

It is easy to fall asleep when you are jet lagged as your body just wants to catch up on sleep. Develop an exercise routine which will stimulate your body and mind and keep you awake. By slowing adding exercise and sleep routine to your day you will be able to fight the jet lag quickly.

Travellers can try and invent some new exercises to keep all your muscles moving and subtle when you are sitting down or even standing in a shop queue take the time to exercise and your body will benefit.

Jet lag can be a nuisance but with the simple steps above hopefully you will be able to fight this in a few days rather than a week.

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