Scotland’s Monster Loch

The North of Scotland attracts a lot of visitors each year mainly tourists flying into Inverness Airport or Aberdeen Airport. Ask anyone who is heading south from the airport to visit the famous Loch Ness what breathtaking beautiful surroundings there is to behold when driving from Inverness to reach the loch.

Lakes are called lochs in Scotland and the best known one world wide is Loch Ness, famous for its monster theory . Anyone driving along the shore line of Nessie will appreciate the underlining beauty of the area with scenery like this no where else on earth.

Both sides of the lake stretch from the top which is close to Inverness town centre until the end of the loch which is around 30 miles long at Fort Augustus. Driving along the loch from Inverness to Fort Augustus will probably take you around 55 minutes non stop. Who can resist the drive through when there are so many different photo opportunities down by Drummadrochit which is mid-way down the loch.

Anyone who loves Scottish castles will adore both Urquhart and Inverness castles which can be found along the loch set up in the hills. Breath taking hill sides which changes colours in the autumn to burnt orange leaves is totally different from the sunny green luscious leaves of summer.

Both castles are stunning ruins of a by gone age and take president in the hills overlooking the loch. Looking down from the castle you will be able see straight into the water and if legend has it you may be able to view ripple effects which could be the monster stirring.

Anyone wishing to take a tour of the loch can join the many cruise boats which set off from Fort Augustus around the loch. Spending a pleasant afternoon sailing along the loch will be both relaxing and rewarding as you can chat amongst the other sailors and share your Nessie experience.

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