Some Business Travel Tips

When travelling on a business trip there are a few differences from when you would travel with your family. The first tip would be to just travel with one case which you can carry on the plane with you each time you make your way to the airport. This is the best way to go as you do not have time to sort through claims for lost luggage and lost time spent on filling out claims. When you first start to travel purchase two suitcases which are of good quality meaning you will always have one spare if anything happens to the other.

Keep both suitcases packed with the same products and items allowing you more time at home and not running around trying to stock up one missing items. Take advantage of any sale or deals which may be going on while you are weekly shopping . When you arrive at your hotel there maybe toiletries already placed in your room which you use or take with you for your next trip.

People often think about men only travelling but what about the women business people. They too can take advantage and pack a few extra items which will brighten up any dull business suit. Think about adding in a scarf or a favourite piece of jewellery.

Nearly all business people will select a plane as their mode of transport. Journeys of less than 4 hours may be better going by train as most trains now have WiFi and you can continue working while travelling so on arrival you can sit back and relax knowing that you have completed a days work while travelling.

Consider the time it takes to travel to and from a terminal building plus check in times and security breaches all incur lines and patience. Compare various modes of transport before deciding on air travel.

Business travellers are always advised to book into one of the hotels which offer weary travellers the advantage of offering various business deals and conference rooms etc which might not be available for you in other hotels.

Make sure you have mobile phone connection if you land in a new country. Checking with your cell phone supplier is always a good idea before travel as you do not want to be left high and dry with no one to contact back home.

There are plenty of tips to read about traveling on our website which include the UK and Europe over on blue wheels.

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