The Opening: Successfully Approaching Women

The Initial Approach is perhaps the most challenging and arguably the most crucial part of interacting with a brand-new woman. If you have a bad opening, you will never be able to approach women effectively. So the manner in which you open a woman will either get you in the door to start your game or it will get you a fat rejection.

The first thing you should do if you want to approach women effectively is to work on your appearance, work on your self-confidence, handle your approach anxiety, then learn the best ways to effectively open women. The opening is not really complicated nor is it hard to pull off. There is basically just two primary things you need to worry about. It’s just that you need to get over your approach anxiety and actually APPROACH women.

1) Have something ready to say.

A beautiful woman or even a semi-attractive woman was flirted and hit on many times before you came. Many of those losers had bad to marginal opening lines and probably resorted to “it sure is crowded in here” or “that’s a cool phone.” kind of uninteresting drivel. You have to distance yourself from the thousands of losers she has rejected and demonstrate high value by being amusing, intriguing, and/or different (in a good way).

Since you’re about to puke just getting over approach anxiety and actually cold approach a woman, it is best to have a couple of canned openers that has been repeatedly tested with women and is proven to work. Most of the cheesy pickup lines smell bad and make you look silly and downright desperate, so stay away from the “did you fall from heaven?” types and pick some imaginative, natural sounding ones.

The “Mating Intelligence Unleashed” states that the majority of women would prefer an indirect approach over a direct approach so select a couple of indirect openers, memorize it, and practice, practice, practice. I find the opinion asking ones to be very natural, fluid, and women react well to them.

2) Body language and presentation

Keep in mind, 55% of communication is visual (body language, eye contact), 38 % is vocal (pitch, speed, volume, intonation), and 7 % is actual words. This implies that what you say is just garnish to how you say it or how you present yourself when you say it.

Smile on the approach! A smile will disarm, de-guard, and de-bitch any woman and it will create a more friendly atmosphere. Also, keep strong eye contact. Strong eye contact, coupled with a lower voice tonality and slower speech patterns, can speed up attraction, comfort, and trust.

Project negative body language! This means to place the front of your body away from her and just turn your head towards her. Only when she qualifies herself (i.e. says something witty/sexy), turn your body to her. This may seem anti-intuitive but it works and is based upon sound attraction psychology. By showing negative body language, you are revealing you do not need her attention or approval and you demonstrate high value by not coming off as needy or desperate.

At the same time you will need to display confident, alpha male body language: chest out, shoulders back. If you don’t know how to display confident hands, just hang it by your side, or animate it by talking with them.

That’s it… Now you can:

Throw in some time constraint techniques such as, “I’ve only got a minute because I’m meeting my friends, but I have to say…” or “One more thing before I go…” and grab their number.

Move into A2 phase which is where you hook them by showing off your high value with such things as story telling, gimmicks, magic demonstrations, psychic readings, negging (veiled teasing), leading the conversation, etc.

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