Thinking Of Travelling In Scotland

Anyone who is going on holiday to Scotland can be assured of having 4 seasons in the one day. When packing and heading over here there are a number of things to consider before you arrive.

No one is happy about the weather even the Scots who complain but are used to the weather by now. Our hot tip is to be organised for any type of weather which is sure to be coming your way.

A great tip is try to bring with you a number of layers of clothes to keep you going throughout the day. Perhaps you can pack a small bag pack for your day trips as they can hold a lot of items including maps and water.

You never know here in Scotland when the rain will suddenly come down even on the hottest days be prepared for the unexpected. A jumper or hoodie would be perfect also for the north as the weather is always a little bit chiller than the south of the UK.

There are plenty of public houses in Scotland all catering for the tourist on holiday. On the whole you will find Scottish people very friendly and will go out of their way to help you if you are lost or when sitting in a pub they will come up and start talking to you answering your questions and asking a few of their own.

Wondering how you are going to travel around the country? You will be pleased to hear that the public network of transport links is excellent up and down the country even out to the smaller villages there is always at least a bus route directly into the centre or main street. Book your trip in advance as discounts are often applied then.

Ask around if you are not sure where to visit in Scotland. A number of websites are available for you to browse alternatively you can always ask at the Tourist Information office when you arrive into the city or town. There are offices throughout the country with staff who are well trained in their area.

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