Tips For Cruise Ships

A cruise I hear you say. I don’t know anything about cruising. If this is your first adventure on a cruise ship then you may wish to read following suggestions to keep you on the straight and narrow.

The cruise ships are all on the big side with many of them carrying sometimes up to three thousand people on board at any one time. As there are decks and you will be unsure where anything is on board a good idea would be to ask the crew member if they have a map of the ship to become accustomed to and become used to all the noise and floors and decks. This may take a couple of days but don’t worry as you will learn fast.

Another suggestion would be to take a bag with you when you board the ship. At the start of the trip everything is a bit chaotic with staff introducing themselves and boarding cards being made ready so your luggage may take a little time to reach your cabin. As you don’t want to waste time waiting pack a few light items such as swimwear and sun cream so you are ready to hit the pool and sunbathe as soon as you arrive.

Passengers from previous trips have suggested leaving expensive jewellery in your house and taking just a few simple inexpensive pieces with you to prevent them from getting lost or going missing.

A good tip is to walk everywhere on the cruise ship. The lifts will most certainly become crowded especially around meal times. A good idea would be to walk and become familiar with your surroundings and a walking is good for you as a little gentle exercise.

Tips often confuse travellers, How much do I tip? Who do I tip? There is a guide when you book to who best to tip. On the whole if you tip the crew as often as you can so as to give them a little extra money to spend on themselves as the cruise pay is generally not a lot of money.

When moving around please keep the noise down as much as possible late at night. Passengers often forget that noise travels especially at night. Be a courteous passenger and move around as lightly on your feet as you can with talking and slamming doors kept to a minimum.

Make the most of you holiday by forward planning and taking advantage of the beautiful cities you will be able to visit.

Good holiday cruise tips from Greenock on of the site.

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