Tips For Family Day Trips

Packing for a day trip outdoors with your family is a fab idea but do any of us know what to pack? Often we pack only a few things which we believe will come in handy. Either that or we take the kitchen sink ever hopeful that we have not forgotten anything.

Every child loves their toys and have at least one favourite. Then bring them out once you have arrived at your spot. Toys are great at keeping them amused in restaurants and also in long car journeys. In the event they get fed up why not pack some other items such as books or cards as no doubt the batteries will run out at some point in your journey.

The best and most important things to remember to pack are food and drink supplies to keep you going through out the day. Snacks can be in any form with crisps, nuts, dips to keep you going or fruit if you have a cool bag you have access to and bring with you. There are all sorts of different foods which are ideal for bringing with you in a picnic.

Essentials are an absolute most when going on days out. Anyone with a small child will need to remember their baby bag with them which will include nappies and bags to place dirty ones into until you can dispose of them in a general waste bin. Anyone who is travelling with a dog will also have the same dilemma. Hand gel to wash your hands without the need of water is a brilliant idea not only to be used in a hospital but also on picnics.

Change of clothes are very important for you as you never know what to expect on your trip. The children are always good at spilling something down themselves or falling into a brook or stream and getting soaked through enough to need a change of clothing. Perhaps as the day gets on you will be needing a sweater or a jacket for the cold or damp weather.

Some helpful hints to make your car journey run smoothly.

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