Trends For 2014 Travel

Recession is everywhere you look today in newspapers , blogs, TV etc., you can’t escape the bad news. People like something to look forward to in their lives to escape the doom and gloom. Here are some holiday trends for you to look forward to in 2014.

Games of the People The Commonwealth games are coming to Glasgow in Scotland in 2014. Greatly awaited and anticipated by the athletics and people of the East End. New buildings have sprung up all around the East side of the city breathing new life and energy into the much needed side of the city. Why not visit and see for yourself.

Holidays On A Shoestring The various websites which have sprung up during the past twelve months alone all offer a great deal for the traveller with perhaps meals or wine thrown in on the offer or a free night stay if you stay for 10 nights. All are great offers and the public are looking more and more for this type of offer each day.

Green Holidays Travellers are becoming vary of the foot prints they leave behind when going on holiday and are looking for some eco type friendly holidays with an increase in this type of holiday as the future draws close.

Travelling With A Business Partner Some partners have jobs which often take them away from home. Think of the this as a positive rather than a negative. Businesses will often place their employees in good hotels with all the bling. So why not take advantage and tag along on one of the trips meaning you only need to pay for your flight and not accommodation. You never know the business may have a meals allowance which means if you are canny you could have meals included too.

Home Schooled Business The past couple of years has seen a spike in the number of businesses which operate from home in a spare room or a dedicated office. In previous years it was impossible to go on holiday without losing out on business but with all the tech gadgets now it is simple to leave home and still keep in contact with your business from overseas.

Useful top tips in travel today or for next year.

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