Visiting Orlando Bridges

Orlando is the biggest inland city in Florida. The topography of the city is low and wet, making Orlando bridges mandatory for traversing the many lakes, marshes and swamps which make up the Orlando area landscape. Much of Orlando is focused on Disney World Resort, the preferred theme park that the the city of Orlando is most renowned for. The Disney Amphitheater is found in Lake Eola Park, where a water fountain shows the pet name of Orlando as “The City Beautiful”. While the state of Florida has a large spread of bridges which cross many miles of inland and inter-coastal waters, the bridges of Orlando are easy and mostly built around the the Disney World Resort, and to satisfy local traffic and intercity wishes.

Emory L. Bennett Causeway

Located on U.S. Highway 1, the Emory L. Bennett Causeway was dedicated in 1963 as a dual lane toll bridge. The bridge spans the Indian River Lagoon as well as Banana River, and crosses over Merritt Island. It was named after Emory L. Bennett, who received a Medal of Honor for his actions during the time of the Korean War.

Remodeled Railroad Trail Bridges – West Orange Trail Bridge

Originally built for the Orange Belt Railroad Line, the West Orange Trail Bridge is presently a renovated road that takes travelers through Orlando thru the old railroad route. The trail itself weaves along the old path of the important railroad, with a lot of cuts and divisions that allow for train usage of the existing rail tracks for commerce and business. The bridge is a covered one lane crossing over the Florida Turnpike, often referred to as the Ronald Reagan Highway, and the nation's 3rd most traveled toll road.

Cady Way Trail Bridge

Other bridges in Orlando that are built on abandoned railroad tracks include the Cady Way Trail Bridge. The Cady Way Trail is found on what was once the East Florida and Atlantic Railroad. Used essentially as a pedestrian bridge and bike trail, it is a tied arch bridge with a basket weave netting supported by green arched beams. The bridge crosses over S.R. 436, and the trail is preferred for marathon runs for Orlando residents.

Suburban Covered Bridges – Old Horatio Covered Bridge

Old Horatio Covered Bridge is a covered bridge on a quiet residential street, leading into an Orlando suburb and park. No lorries are allowed, considering that the bridge has a clearance of only six feet and ten inches. The bridge is built of wood and located on Horatio Avenue, spanning a canal connecting Lake Maitland and Lake Minnehaha. This two lane covered bridge is a modern construction and one of the many modern covered bridges called “suburb covered bridges” found the Orlando area.

Walt Disney World Swing Bridge

One of the most famed bridges in Orlando is Walt Disney World Swing Bridge. The bridge is a heavily bolted and riveted pony truss bridge that crosses canal on the Disney World Railroad. The Walt Disney World Swing Bridge is open to park traffic.

Mellanie Hermin has been interested in Orlando bridges for a long time. The author has written op-eds and editorial pieces for many online publications, which canbe found here.

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