Visitor Tips On London

Planning your first trip to London can be an exciting event to look forward too. There is so much to see in this city that never sleeps between historic sights and shows and evenings out in bars and clubs you will be hard pushed to see everything on your first visit.

London City Airport has good direct transport choices into town with the help of the Light Rail System which normally takes about twenty minutes from the airport to Bank Station which is in the Financial District. Rail tickets can be bought direct from the station before you travel into the city.

The Metro is an ideal way to travel around this large city. Maps are available at each station showing travellers the coloured co-ordinated routes which all pass through the main tourists sites. You may need to switch destinations at stations in order to continue your journey around London. The change over stations are located on the map by circles around the area, please remember that the trains run from early morning until late evening.

You may be tempted to walk and view as many sites as you can. This is fine if you only have a small area to cover but as the city is huge you will be better off on the underground as this is a quick and easy way around the centre. There are plenty of buses which are frequent and regonsible by the bright red colour. Tickets can be purchased by inserting coins into a machine which is situated at the bus stops. Remember that the buses may be slow around the inner part of the city around the tourist sights due to the amount of traffic on the roads.

A trip would not be complete here without taking in a show. The west end of London is a special place to go in the evening as all the events are lit up and large crowds gather around Covent Garden area to enjoy the street artists and a glass of wine at one of the many pubs in the area.

The most visited sights within the first zone are normally the London Eye and the South Bank area as there is lots going on in this part such as the London Dungeons new event and the play park and street vendors.

The city can be pricey to visit but with a little forward thinking planning you can pick up vouchers and discount leaflets giving you money off certain venues which makes the trip a little more affordable.

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