What To Say When Approaching Women: The Best Lines

The Opening and what to say is probably the most difficult and perhaps the most important part of communicating with a new woman. Assuming you dealt with your approach anxiety, brushed up on your self-confidence and grooming, the next part is, what exactly do you say?

Before The Game and the proliferation of pickup artists, you can probably say anything witty and get away with it, but now girls are savvy to the ways of the pickup artists and are wary of anything that smells like a pickup. Therefore, you want to stay away from the cheesy canned pickup lines. Most Relationship gurus and pickup coaches now teach newbies to stay away from the canned approaches and advise them to build a more natural opener.

However, for the absolute newbie without idea what to say, you should choose one of the canned approaches and spin a variation on it. Keep the topic but don’t go verbatim, modify the material. The book “Mating Intelligence Unleashed” says that most women prefer an indirect approach over a direct approach. However, a direct approach has the advantage because it lets the woman know your exact intentions from the start so no PUA games or misunderstanding. It’s all personal preference so pick a couple of openers, spin it to make it seem natural, and practice, practice, practice.

Direct Openers:

Compliment her on something she’s wearing or her hair or just style in general. The trick is compliment openers are to never compliment her on her physical beauty. You have an incredible energy about you. You have a funky style. That’s an incredible purse, watch, etc.

Excuse me, I should tell you something … I just saw you from over there, thought you looked really nice and had to come over and say something.

Hi, I like you. I ‘d like to get to know you. Hey, What’s up? Where are you going? You’re cute, are you friendly?

You guys are so adorable. You have such an adorable group dynamic going on. I want to meet you guys.

My name is Joe, how are you? You look like someone I’d like to meet.

I just had the most AWESOME day.” Then tell her what happened, something cool – AND detailed. After a ten minute chat of how great your life is lately, you then cap it with, “And now I met you.

Hey, I like the way you carry yourself, and you look like you may be interesting. I need to get going, so let’s exchange information and continue this later on.

Hello. You look like someone I ought to learn more about, but I’m in a hurry right now. Still, I don’t want to pass up such a wonderful opportunity to meet somebody like you. I ‘d like to see you again at a place where we can chat and get to know each other.

Indirect Openers:

Are you shy? I was standing here for like five minutes talking to my friend and you still don’t say hello

Come on it’s not that bad, it’s Saturday evening, the music’s good, the dance floor’s packed, why aren’t you up there having a good time? Don’t you hate it when people do that, you’re sitting here minding your own business and someone comes up forcing you to have a good time. Like, I was at work recently standing by the coffee maker and this girl comes up to me and said, “Smile, it may not happen.” I was just thinking, why doesn’t she mind her own business, I was minding my own. Well … I’ve pretty much just killed my own conversation, so unless you have any questions for me I’ll be returning to my buddies.”

Hey guys, help me out, I had this song stuck in my head ALL day and I can’t remember who sings it. It goes, “you spin me right round baby right round like a record player right round, round round… who sings that???… I was talking to my mom earlier today and she said its Lionel Richie… but I KNOW that isn’t right!

Did you know that Frowning burns more calories than smiling? But it’s ok… I understand why you need to keep it on. I can see you are mid-way in your gym schedule… You obviously wanna beat the other girls in your group… I will not let you beat them coz using frowning to lose weight is not fair… I will make it my job in these couple of minutes to make you smile…

OMG!… did you see those two girls fighting outside? Like right outside the club… they were totally going at it; one was pulling the others’ hair, and the other one drew blood with her nails. And they seemed to be fighting over this short guy; he was standing near them just totally laughing!

I’m lost… I can’t find my buddies and I’m scared… Remember when we were small and you could just make new friends whenever you wanted… “Do you want to to be my friend?”

Grab a magazine, newspaper, book, item, anything, then just examine it, and turn to her and ask, “What do you think of (…)?” or “Can you believe (…)!?” or “What is your opinion about (…)?”

So do you like Justin Timberlake? Yeah he’s sexy ah? You know many people have told me that I look exactly like Justin Timberlake?

What are you trying to find? Everyone is looking for something, unless … you’ve found it already. My name’s, what’s yours?

You look like you’re thinking about something complicated. What are you thinking about?

Opinion Openers:

I need your opinion on something. I’m thinking about dying my hair blonde. What do you think?

Hey can I ask your opinion. I’ve been considering seeing (the latest chick flick) but my buddies said I would be gay if I went to see the movie. What do you think… is it ok for a guy to watch romantic movies?

I need your honest opinion on something…do I look gay? Because something really funny just happened, this dude was hitting on me in another bar!?

Hey guys, I need a female opinion… we were just at Saks today, and there were all these $600 collared tee-shirts. When chicks see guys wearing 6-bill shirts like that, do they think its classy or trying too hard?

Hey, I need your opinion on something. Do I look better with my glasses off (take glasses off) or with my glasses on? (put glasses on).

Hey, I need your opinion. Tomorrow’s mother’s day. What should I get my mother?

What’s your VIEW on this situation? Whats your TAKE on that situation? I need a female perspective?

Hey, I need your point of view on something. I am going on a blind date with some girl and I’m really nervous about it. Is there any suggestions you can give me so I don’t look like an idiot. I don’t really know how to dress to impress or act the right way.

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