Why You Should Spend An Exotic Sarasota Family Vacation

Sarasota is overflowing in sun, sand and water. On the outset, these are the three things that define this magnificent vacation destination in Florida. As a proof to this claim, there are six islands lining Sarasota’s extensive coastline carrying their own set of natural beauty and recreational value. You can access them regardless of which Sarasota vacation rental home you are living in. It doesn’t matter if you choose one or trek them all since the result will always be perfectly wonderful. Even the most exacting tourist will find satisfaction in what Sarasota can offer.

Away from the islands, Sarasota is characterized by an array of arts scenes that are sometimes larger than the city. An enormous selection of valuable paintings are put on display at the world renowned John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art. Interestingly, it showcases the largest collections of Rubens in this corner of the world. Your Sarasota family vacation lets you witness the talents on display with local and visiting artists from around the world flocking to town to show their wares. Live performances at their best are just about to begin. Rounding up the cultural entertainment opportunities are the Sarasota Ballet and Sarasota Orchestra, both located less than a mile of each other.

This vacation spot boasts of rich cultural arts scenes that are sometimes larger that the city itself. If you are an avid lover of paintings, the enormous collection of the well-known John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art is sure to captivate your love for the art. It outlines one of the biggest collections of Rubens in the planet. An energetic gallery scene displaying Sarasota’s local and visiting artists are always on hand to entertain tourists with their live performances. They sure are a must-see spectacle during your Sarasota vacation. Other interesting stops include the historic Sarasota Opera House, The Sarasota Ballet and Sarasota Orchestra which are situated in close proximity with each other.

Take a closer look at Sarasota’s natural beauty by strolling along some of its most expansive public parks including the Myakka State Park. A leisurely walk on one of the parks short trails should lead you to a towering wooden structure which will eventually bring you to a tree canopy that allows for a clear view of the beautiful surroundings. This park also lets you take a guided tour of the river or trek the hiking trails punctuated by preserved campsites of the area pioneers.

Sarasota is a natural golf destination because of its beauty and dozens of courses scattered in the area. To top it all, they are no ordinary links because they are designed by the biggest names in golf history. You can also witness the action when you head to Ed Smith Stadium, home of the Baltimore Orioles. Contact your Sarasota vacation rental company today and experience a unique Sarasota getaway!

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