Young People And Safe Travel Tips

Young people on holiday without parents in tow will often find this is the first real holiday without parental guidance. The idea of having to think for themselves and take care of themselves and their friends and watch what they eat and drink can be a little overwhelming.

They often forget to keep themselves safe while travelling away from home as often this is their first taste of freedom. A young boy recently died on holiday on his first Greek holiday due to a fight breaking out with a large number of boys around his age. You don’t want this to happen to any of your friends so here are a few tips to make it through your holiday.

A good tip is the same idea when you started a new school or High School. Each younger pupil is allocated an older pupil as a mentor to keep them safe and guide them through the school year. This will be great advise for you when on holiday for the first time stick with your buddies and help each other out if any one of you gets in to trouble. Always leave the place together in a group and stick together and no split up on the way home.

When venturing out at night to clubs and bars they are often noisy and crammed full of people. Agree a time and place to meet up in the place you are staying as sometimes you will be unable to hear your phone ring. Meet up on a regular basis during the evening as sometimes you get chatting to other people. Buddy system comes in handy as you can fend off fights and advances which are not welcome.

This may sound a little over dramatic , the best advice of all is only trust your friends not strangers. There is a lot of news articles in the press today about drinks being spiked and the victim unaware of what is happening to them. Only drink what you purchase yourself and leave aside any bought drinks which you are unsure of.

Don’t give anyone your room number when you are in a hotel bar or go back to a stranger’s room with them as you don’t know anything about them and what their intentions are. The same rule applies when leaving a club late at night always leave with your friends not a stranger.

Travelling alone with your friends here is some friendly travel advise for you to read and also if you wish to book a car you can read about car hire tips on our website

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