7 Safety Tips For Your Hotel Stay

Just as you would with your own home, you want to make sure you’re safe in the hotel you stay at. The following are 7 tips to practice while staying in a hotel. First, learn your fire escape route. They are placed in every Norwalk, CT hotel room, usually right next to the door.

Today many professionals admit that they check their work emails compulsively at home. Hundreds of professionals have admitted to checking during family dinner, in bed, and even in the bathroom.

Located along the coast of Connecticut, Mystic is just 130 miles from New York City and 100 miles from Boston, it’s a perfect weekend away from the Big Apple or Beantown.

Second, before you turn off the lights at night, put your keys, a hotel key, a flashlight and anything else you would need in the middle of the night on your night stand, just in case you needed to leave quickly.

The Mystic Seaport features the largest maritime museum, and is home to the last wooden whale ship, the Charles W. Morgan. The Morgan was launched in 1841 has been on more than 37 whaling voyages.

Studies suggest that not only should you unplug and completely step away from work responsibilities for a short period of time, but they recommend leaving town when you do so. By stepping away from your normal surroundings it will be easier to stay unplugged when you are not reminded of your normal routine.

One of the benefits of going on vacation is being mindful or observant of a new place. When we are at home we generally take the same route to work, visit the same stores to get our groceries, or supplies.

On top of added safety, it’ll give you a nicer view of the Norwalk, CT area, not just of the hotel parking lot. It’s a better experience, even if you have to travel by elevator to get there.

You can also visit the Olde Mistick Village, home to 60 quaint shops that represent the 1700s. It’s a great way to appreciate the simpler things in life.

A great place for residents of the Big Apple to rest and relax is Norwalk, Connecticut. Located just 50 miles outside of New York, you simply have to hop a train at Grand Central station to enter a slower, more relaxing pace of life.

You can also explore the Historical Ship Nautilus & Submarine Force Museum. Here you can explore the first nuclear-powered ship, which also has the honor of being the first ship to go to the North Pole.

Hide your laptops, cell phones, wallets, Kindles, and anything else of value you wouldn’t want hanging around the place while you’re gone. Locking it away is quick, easy, and secure.

For example you can eat at the Mediterraneo of Norwalk at Hotel Zero Degrees. Restaurateur Ramze Zakka brings Mediterranean-style cuisine to Norwalk, Connecticut, just a jaunt away from Mystic Country, with style and flavor that’s sure to make it a meal to remember.

If you still don’t entirely trust them but think to investigate further, you can slide on your door latch to limit how wide the door can open.

You can also leave the city, but still have modern and stylish accommodations at Hotel Zero Degrees. This boutique hotel located in the heart of Norwalk, Connecticut, offers world class amenities in style.

Whether you live in the concrete jungle of the big city, or simply want to explore a New England treasure be sure to book your hotel in the Mystic, Connecticut area to visit the charm and elegance native to Mystic Country.

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