Attractions and Things to Do in San Diego

San Diego boasts enough various attractions to keep visitors occupied for 1 or 2 fun-packed weeks. With beautiful weather and lovely architecture this is one place where boredom is never a choice.

San Diego Zoo

Possibly the best known among attractions in San Diego, the San Diego Zoo should be at the very top of everybody’s list. Home to thousands of animals, visitors should plan on spending a complete day to visit. The family of giant pandas should not be missed and unique exhibits like the Children’s Zoo keep each family member engaged.

SeaWorld San Diego

Visit the world under the sea at one of the fave hot spots in San Diego. Go nose-to-nose with whales, seals and sea lions and explore Arctic regions where polar bears roam. Take some time to catch a breathtaking show featuring some of the most dazzling animals on the planet. Turtle Reef is a serious attraction here, giving folks a rare look into the life of the evasive sea turtle.

Balboa Park

Folk trying to find things to do in San Diego definitely need to put this park on their list. Lying just outside of downtown San Diego this 1,200 acre park is a major attraction that no less than 85 cultural groups call home. Museums, gardens and theaters make this a park that would need days to completely explore.

The San Diego Natural History Museum

Attractions in San Diego can’t get any better than this for those that love history. In reality the San Diego Natural History Museum tells the history of the region so well that even folks who don’t typically like museums will find themselves having a good time. Step back in time to the ancient world to discover cultures, animals and people from all around the world. This impressively ecclectic collection is definitely worth a visit.

San Diego Theaters

Hot spots in San Diego must include the local theater scene. A couple of the best are operated by the San Diego Theaters non-profit co.. The corporation manages the San Diego Civic Theater as well as the Balboa Theater in the historical and groovy Gaslamp Quarter. Both theaters offer first-class productions pretty often. Many are produced by local dance, music and theater groups. These theaters regularly host touring productions of Broadway plays and musicals, so it definitely pays to get to know what’s showing before arriving in the city of San Diego so as to get the finest seats.

Maritime Museum of San Diego

The city has a long and rich history connected with the the coast. It’s been a port for a very long time, so it’s only natural that San Diego should have a first-rate maritime museum. Even the most enthusiastic landlubber can not help but be impressed at the museum’s fascinating collection of sea-going vessels and varied maritime objects.

The Gaslamp Quarter

Anyone trying to find things to do in San Diego will definitely find them in the Gaslamp. This downtown location is home to countless bars, trattorias of all cuisines and shops. Downtown San Diego is a perfect place to spend an afternoon or an evening.

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