Great Phoenix Monuments to Visit

Phoenix has a diverse and long history, uniquely created both naturally and by man. The desertscapes in Phoenix evoke sensations of spirituality, while its buildings remind residents and visitors that the city has had a long history, touched by war and human development, leaving their indelible marks on monuments across Phoenix.

Historic Heritage Square

If you’re a fanatic for history, or even of you are not, visiting the “Historic Heritage Square” gives you an idea of what Phoenix was like long ago This history is very noticable with its Victorian style historical homes which shows what houses looked like during the 19th century. Shopping and restaurant dining is a massive hit on the square, particularly in the evenings.

Papago Park

Papago Park became a countrywide monument in 1914. This was the prisoner of war camp for German Squaddies. As stated before, if you like history then the Phoenix monuments will give you that. Visit the park to learn more of how President Wilson played apart and what's happened to the soldiers that were kept there. Inquiring minds do wish to know, right? Papago Park is famous for its specific sandstone formations. The park also is the location of the zoo, stadium, a botanical garden, the pyramidal crypt of Arizona’s first governor George W.P. Hunt and more. Papago Park is an exceedingly important cultural center in Phoenix.

Arizona Biltmore

Called the “Jewel of the Desert”, the Arizona Biltmore was built in 1929 and is still going strongly. Today it is a part of the Hilton Hotel Collection as amongst the most luxurious hotels in Phoenix. Designed by architect Albert Chase McArthur, it has since its inception gone through one or two hands and phases, but has persevered as a Phoenix staple. Many famous people have stayed at the Arizona Biltmore, and its name envokes a reputation of luxury and class.

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