Great San Francisco Natural Landmarks to Visit

San Francisco has long been referred to as the Bay City, as it is surrounded on three sides by water. When visiting here one can feel cool air from the shocking Golden Gate Bridge. There are several natural phenomenon here; Mother Nature has bestowed upon San Fran some impressive sites, here in the San Fran area.

No matter where one visits in the Bay area, they're going to be amazed by the Natural Landmarks in San Francisco. The city has so much charm and character going for it, no wonder so many folks call this area home. Next time anyone visits the Bay area, they should be certain to check out all the great free attractions formed by Mother Nature.

The Islands

There are over forty eight islands that make up the San Fran Bay are. Some of the most famous include Alcatraz. The shark infested waters have discouraged many jail escapes. Alcatraz’s most infamous prison inmate was Al Capone, the famous mob criminal with a lengthy reputation.

National Wildlife Refuge

Located on Angel Island, visitors can find the National Wildlife Refuge. Here the “biological treasure-trove archipelago” can be found. This island is not open to visitors, to preserve the wildlife in their natural environments. Regardless, it’s possible to observe the island from the bay. This area is commonly called “California Galapagos” and includes great ecological significance to the area. Here travelers can observe over 211 acres of rocks. When journeying to the Southern part of the Island, the rock formations can be seen standing just about 400 feet in the air.

Seven Hills of San Francisco

When going to the area, it'll be obvious how the city was built on hills. While there happen to be over 43 in all, only 7 of them are original, the rest are man made. This is proving to be one of the most defining natural landmarks in San Francisco. The seven original hills are known as: Russian Hill, Nob Hill, Telegraph Hill, Rincon Hill, Twin Peaks, Mount Sutro and Mount Davidson. All these hills have some sort of significance and have neighborhoods at the top each one.

Twin Peaks

The Twin Peaks are San Francisco natural landmarks that have become legendary. These two peaks or mountains are similar in size, with only a mere 200 feet separating them. This natural wonder towers over 922 feet in the air. In past times these peaks were used as a lookout. Today the Twin Peaks are something everybody visiting the Bay area should have the chance see.

Seal Rocks

Seal Rocks is located on the North end of Ocean Beach. This rock formation is famous for attracting California Seals. This area is famous for its golden beaches and pockets of rock formations. The seals use to make this a prime area for play and that's why it is called Seal rock. Driving by on any specific day to see seals sunning themselves on these rock formations.

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