Historic Buildings in San Francisco Worth Seeing

San Francisco is famous for as a travel location for many prominent sites, lots of which are distinguishable around the world thanks to the characteristic design of the historically significant buildings in San Francisco. Alongside being home to one of, if not the most classic bridge in the United States, the city is quite as much defined by the historically significant buildings in San Francisco that have persevered through quakes and much of the other kinds of remodels to definition of the city.

The Golden Gate Bridge

This bridge is easily the most well-liked historic attraction in San Francisco. Not only is it a beautiful site, but it also has historic significance as well. By taking a walk across this bridge, you can see a lot of the city of San Fran and the beautiful bay. Whether you are driving or walking driving or walking, you will be surprised by the attractive structure and overall style of the design. The project to build this bridge started in 1933, but wasn’t finished until 1937.

Filbert Steps

If you should happen to feel like a good workout, then you should definitely visit the Filbert Steps. There are over 600 steps, which go up the side of Sansome Street. It's not the flight of stairs that are fascinating, because they are crumbled and repulsive in some places. The real beauty is in the incredible panaoramic views, which one can see on the way up. The gardens and charming houses, which you see on the way up, are amazing. When you reach the end of the steps, one can enjoy Coit Tower.

San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park

In the Fisherman’s Wharf neighborhood, patrons will find this national park. The park encompasses a visitor center, a fleet of historic vessels,a maritime museum, a library and a research facility. The building was first opened in 1951 to the general public. Visitors can see outstanding ships from the 1800’s in all of their glory. Tour these amazing ships and learn all about ocean voyages and history.

Fort Point

Journey to another place and time with a visit to Fort Point. Once used as a hidden location for the military, now it has been the place of many movies, including “Vertigo” by Alfred Hitchcock. This area is also incorporated in the famous video game, “Grand Theft Auto”. This structure was built in 1776 and today is falling into a state of disrepair a bit. Still many individuals like to go here and see the wonderful vantage points from this area.


About 1.5 miles off the coast of San Francisco, San Fran sightseers will find the island that holds the jail Alcatraz. Up until 1969 this was a home to one of the worst incarceration institutions in the U.S. Perhaps its most famed prisoner was Al Capone, but Capone surprisingly wasn’t the most violent by a long way. Today, Alcatraz is known as one of the most haunted areas in American and so pulls a large amount of visitors. Tours are given daily of this historic building, with the added bonus of a pretty ferry ride across the bay.

No matter what you sites you see in San Francisco vacationers will leave them enchanted. This stunning town has something for everyone, including great restaurants and historical sites. The city on the Bay has long been home to some beautiful historic sites. Making time to visit them all will leave visitors will enough memories to last a lifetime… or at least until the next visit.

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