How To Check If You’re Talking To A Real Filipino Woman Online

When it comes to dating Filipino women online, one of the most challenging things to do is checking out if a woman is real. You might be surprised to know there have been cases where a Filipino woman turned out to be NOT a woman at all. It’s either a man or a “bayot” (homosexual man) passed himself off as a member of the opposite sex. Although it doesn’t happen often, it does happen.

In this article, we will tell you the five things you can do right now to check if the lady you’re dating online is a real one.

1. Talk on the phone will chatting

While you’re chatting (and hopefully it’s a video chat), ask for her number and call her then and there. If she hesitates to give you her number, it might be that she isn’t a real woman (read: transsexual) and is afraid her voice might give her away. If she does give it to you, make sure you have a gentle tone in your voice when you talk – Filipinas are very particular about the tone of someone’s voice.

2. Write to her home address

There are two reasons why you need to write to her home address and start corresponding: One, you can use the address to get more information about her and two, you can use your letters later to prove to the government that you have a real relationship that’s been going for some time. While you can save your chat logs and print them as proof when applying for US fiance or spousal visa, what the government wants to see is snail mail correspondence because you can’t fake postmarked letters, unlike emails and chat logs.

3. Get her family’s home address

Most Filipinas actually don’t move out of their homes until they’re married. Outside of marriage, the only time Filipina women live away from their parents is when they work away from home. So, if she lives far away, ask for her parents’ address. Like her home address, you can use her parents’ address to get more information about her and her family.

4. Get help from a private investigator

Although it costs money, hiring a private investigator is one of the most effective ways to know if the woman you meet at a Filipino dating site is real. Out on the internet you will find cyber bride investigators, who will do the “meet my friend interview” for you. If the investigator you hire is any good, a fellow Filipino will be sent to meet your Filipina at her address. They will also do a background investigation using the address or addresses she gives you. Just tell your Filipina that you have a Filipino friend that you would like her to meet.

5. Check out her Facebook account

If you want to know what kind of woman she is without hiring a PI, check her Facebook account. No, don’t ask for her Facebook account directly or add her as a friend from your own FB account. Use another account and then check her profile. The good thing about many Filipino women is that they are open books on Facebook and post just about anything that happens to piss them off or make them happy, like selfies.

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