How To Meet And Attract Women On The Street

You find yourself walking down the street without expectations, when you see your future sweetheart walking along minding her own business. She instantly catches your eye and your heart. You want to meet her, you want to go up to her, stop her, and have a deep discussion with her.

But then you start thinking how she would react if a bum like you accosted her in the middle of the day, in the middle of the street. Because if a real bum were to accost YOU in the middle of the street, you’d feel harassed, annoyed, and/or a little bit scared.

Well, trying to stop a girl in the street is nearly like that. Everybody wants to feel active, engaged, and self important so a woman walking busily down the road is in a hurry to go someplace not that awfully important. A strange guy stopping her from her mission is akin to a bum stopping you for money. Because of the goal oriented frame of mind of the woman, the success rate of stopping and favorably engaging a woman is LOW. A girl doesn’t want to be stopped. Even if they’re going nowhere, they still think they’re going someplace. The concept of approaching a girl on the road simply does not work.

Then what should you do? Should you just let that cutie walk along and out of your life? No way! There is a way, a better way then trying to stop a woman on the street. A way that makes the conditions to approach her much more favorable for success.

Basically, do not try to stop a moving target on a mission… follow her. Don’t creep up on her, don’t rush after her, and definitely don’t stalk her! Just do some Mission Impossible recon and follow her. Follow her because people walking on the street are not walking far. If they’re walking, they’re walking to someplace close, otherwise they’d be driving in their car. So If you see a woman walking down the street, chances are, she is going to some place close.

So be like 007, inconspicuous and cool, and trail her. Once she has stopped and you have ascertained her destination, you can now regroup and come up with a game plan. Depending on the type of location and atmosphere, you will have to adjust your opening but once she has settled down at her destination, you can approach her like normal in an environment that is much more conducive to approaching.

A fixed target is a lot easier to hit then a moving one. So be cool, get in touch with your inner Ethan Hunt, do some Mission Impossible spy stuff, and approach her at the precise moment.

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