Las Vegas Helis – Start To See The Strip, Grand Canyon Within Two Several Hours

Is it possible to imagine seeing the Grand Canyon as well as the Las Vegas Strip in one fell swoop? You’ll be able to, especially by helicopter, which allows you to definitely experience both quicker laptop and computer takes to check out a movie. It’s the final “two-for-one” tour on the planet.

Tour packages vary from fundamental flyovers to extravagant packages which include champagne, white water rafting, horse riding, and ATV adventures. It is your call. To get your travel juices flowing, I come up with a brief-list of the largest

Best Three Tours

#1 Here is your “no-extras” package. It leaves in the borders of Vegas, will a “U” turn in the West Rim and beelines go back over the Strip before touching lower.

#2 Flies direct to West Rim, lands. Explore the Canyon. Take in the Skywalk. Board helicopter hover over Vegas Boulevard.

#3 The king of tours, this trip zip nails to Grand Canyon West, sightsee, than reduces itself 4,000 foot towards the end. Lunch close to the Colorado River. Ascend, then jet to Vegas, while using extended way the city’s center.

Bonus Sights

The flight to free airline Rim, that is really just outdoors the nation’s Park’s limitations, includes many spectacular sites, including:

Lake Mead – An attractive, dark blue lake. It practically glimmers underneath the desert sun. Biggest guy-made lake within the U.S.

Hoover Dam – Second biggest dam within the U.S. Provides the majority of the h2o and lots of the electrical energy consumed by Vegas. It is a spectacular structure, made much more exciting through the new bypass that’s being suspended over Black Canyon.

Guano and Novelty helmet Points – Fundamental essentials West Rim’s best-known lookouts. Horizons continue forever. Be searching for large Horn Sheep and California Condors.

Skywalk – Take action when you are getting a trip that gives it an option. It’s literally a glass bridge that stretches 75 foot inside the lip in the Rim. It is because close as you’ll have the ability to having your personal wings. The space within the bridge towards the end is 2 occasions how large the greatest building on earth.


Plane tickets depart daily from McCarran Airport Terminal, North Vegas Airport terminal, and Boulder City Airport terminal. Sunrise, sunset, and evening outings are typically the most popular. Most tour operators include hotel get and fall off. It’s suggested that you simply confirm your flight 24 hrs ahead of time. While on the telephone, I tell people to check climate conditions – the Canyon particularly can be very unpredictable.


Lots of people think a helicopter tour has run out of their budget. Reconsider. Vegas are packed with tour operators who compete a hardship on your tour dollar. But when you want they are driving your cost per ticket lower, book online, where costs are dropped 20% – 45% of retail (or “rack” rate).

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