Memphis famous Religious Sites

Memphis is a superb town to go to. They have such a lot to do and see. They have culture, history and excitement. They are the capital city of the civil rights movement. They are the home of the king of rock and roll. And what isn’t talked about as much is that they are at the center of lots of religions. They not only have museums and amusements but they have history as well. Also Memphis is home to one or two spiritual landmarks. There is so much to do and see in the city of Memphis. Not only will you get to experience the historical cost of the city but you will also get a little taste of faith also.

Southern Baptist

Religion is extraordinarily prominant in the south. Memphis is home to several spiritual backgrounds such as: Catholic, Presbyterian, Episcopal, Jewish, and Baptist religions. There are several others that have migrated to this area but these are the key groups established in this great town.

Mason Temple

The Mason Temple is a Pentecostal temple in Memphis. It has got a lot of history price to it. This is the church where Martin Luther King Jr. Made is “I have been to the mountaintop” speech the day prior to his death.

Church of God in Christ

Memphis is also the home of the HQ of The Church of God in Christ. This is definitely one of the largest churches in Memphis today.

Full Gospel Tabernacle

Full Gospel Tabernacle is a great church to visit. Most visitors say it is actually worth the trip. They go to hear the Reverend Al Green speak. He is an extraordinary speaker. Their choir is probably one of the best also. Most tourists will come continuously to this church solely to hear the choir and to feel the love that envelops this parish.

St. Mary’s Episcopal Cathedrale

There are many cathedrales in this area as well. Memphis is home to St. Mary’s Episcopal Cathedrale. This cathedrale was established in the latter 1800’s and is made from beautiful stone work. It's a astounding site to see.

Imaculate Conception

Roman Catholics frequently visit a cathedrale named Immaculate Conception. This was established in the 1900’s and is merely a sublime.

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