Parks and San Diego Gardens

When anyone mentions the city of San Diego the the first thing that many people think about is the San Diego Zoo. The nightlife and beaches are also popular subjects. There are numerous other interesting sites concealed away in San Diego that visitors might enjoy. These include the numerous sorts of gardens available for viewing. Also, a good majority of these gardens are free to go and visit, so there isn't a reason for passing them by. Listed below are examples of the most well-liked San Diego gardens.

Carlsbad Flower Fields

One of the most beautiful flower fields open to the general public is the Carlsbad Flower Fields. These fields are planted just about exclusively with Giant Ranunculus bulbs that, when in bloom, come in orange, red, blue, yellow and purple. Although these flowers are grown commercially for their bulbs, and the fields were not meant to be a visitor site, people can not withstand the gorgeous colors that appear every year in the midst of the blooming season. The Carlsbad Flower Fields also have a Miniature Rose Garden and a Sweet Pea Maze.

The San Diego Botanic Garden

For those who enjoy learning about plants from all over the world, the San Diego Botanic Garden is the place to visit. Due to the mild temperatures of the area, it has been possible to exhibit many various plant collections. These include collections including desert plants and plants found in a tropical forest, as well as examples of plants that are on the endangered list. In addition, the San Diego Botanic Garden has a children’s section known as the Hamilton Children’s Garden. Visiting this area gives kids a hands on experience with plants from a child’s standpoint. Tours and various activities targeted on plants are also offered to them.

Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve

A trip to the Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve will give guests a glance into the past of the area as well as the present. Native Americans are part of the history and were here nearly 7000 years back. There are 14 habitats in the preserve. These include a forest of giant California oaks, sycamore groves, a fresh water marsh and the various mammals who call this preserve their home.

Harper’s Topiary Garden

Public Gardens are getting more popular in the city. One of the most enticing of the San Diego gardens is the Harper’s Topiary Garden in Mission Hills. Topiary is the trimming of shrubbery to look like animals as well as other objects. There are rather more than 50 topiaries in this garden, all made for the public to enjoy.

Balboa Park

One of the most well liked of the San Diego public parks is Balboa Park. In addition to the San Diego Zoo, there are attractions such as museums, as well as varied displays including folk art, aircraft and trains, street vendors and music. But many travel to this park to view the wonderful thing about the seasonal flowers, as well as the abundant trees and paths meandering through the grasslands in the park. After viewing the colorful displays, one can take advantage of the family picnic areas which are provided throughout the park.

To most folks, San Diego is a busy town with its crowds and great weather. However , if one can take the time to find and explore the out of the way sites hiding in the middle of the city, they are going to find places to go when they need an escape from daily stress. Almost everyone can use an escape plan when the world closes in, and taking a visit to the gardens in San Diego or the San Diego public parks is the ideal destination.

Alex Horton has had an interest in San Diego gardens and parks for years. He has written op-eds and editorial pieces about attractions in San Diego for many online publications. For more information, please visit his site.

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