That Very Special Chinese Girl

Within my experiences traveling and living abroad in China, I have met many young western guys who think they can have any Chinese girl they want, simply because they are foreign. This is a common misperception among western guys; plenty of young dudes think that their skin color or perhaps the fact they speak English causes them to be an invaluable commodity in China.

Well, much like in the usa, there are easy girls and then there are the actual women who you’d would like to date or even marry, but what is vital is that you understand that Chinese women are not like western women.

There are two components which will be fundamental to your ability to succeed with that Chinese girl you’ve had your attention on: the first impression and building a relationship. Everybody knows that first impressions go a long way, but with Chinese girls it can be everything. There is a saying in Chinese, “????xian?r?wi?zhu”, which means that first impressions are the strongest or most vital moment toward influencing someone. The way you dress, the way you carry yourself, and particularly whatever you say to her will determine whether she wants to carry on conversing with you or see you again.

When you know you wish to continue seeing this Chinese girl and you also intend to make her your girlfriend, you’ll want to keep taking her out to build a relationship. Now these may appear to be dates, and in all fairness they are, but to the girl you are just building a relationship and absolutely nothing sexual will come out of it. Don’t even expect to try receiving a kiss until some dates or a couple of weeks into the relationship. Until she says and thinks you are officially together, forcing anything sexual could destroy the relationship. Accompany her on the weekends to the mall or the movies, like a regular date, and be courteous. Your Chinese girl will remember how kind you were to her.

The first few weeks with your Chinese girl are likely to seem tiring! You can never let your guard down and always be at your 100%. The first impression will get her to see you again and then you must build the foundation for a relationship. My best advice is to simply never let yourself make a mistake. Never do or say anything you have to contemplate the results of. Should you be careful and take the first stages seriously, then you won’t need to bother about your Chinese girl in the long-run.

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