Tips For Students Going Away To College

Now that high school is in the past, it’s time to start thinking about heading off to college. This is an exciting time and you are probably looking forward to becoming more independent. Of course, with independence, you also have to become more organized and responsible. This doesn’t have to be overwhelming, though, especially if you consider a few of the following strategies.

For every student who crams too many items into their dorm room, there’s another student who forget to bring everything from a blanket to an alarm clock. Knowing what items are essential can make packing up for college far easier, so before you pack, check out your university’s website and see if they have a helpful list of must-bring items. There are probably things on that list you never considered, and the website also can give you helpful information about the size of your room and the furnishings and amenities included in each room. Most dorm rooms include at least a bed, mattress, desk and chair, as well as a closet. Some have a bathroom shared by just two rooms, while others have bathrooms and showers shared by a floor of students. Once you know all of this, begin making a list.

This list will include items such as clothing, but also bedding and pillows and all your personal items from shampoo to curling irons. Some things you can bring with you and others you can purchase after you arrive, which can be especially helpful if you are flying and not driving to school. If you have a communal shower area, bring some flip flops and a shower caddy to make the process easier. You will have to do your laundry, possibly for the first time ever, and that means you will need foldable laundry totes or laundry bags, as well as laundry soap and other related items. You also might have medications you need to bring or prescriptions you need to transfer to a local pharmacy, but you also could transfer the prescriptions to a mail order pharmacy to make address changes easier.

A tough and large backpack is essential for all students, as textbooks are often big and heavy. It is wise to invest in both a laptop and some brand of tablet. Some college texts are starting to become available on various tablets, and this can certainly lighten your load. Plus a tablet is a great way to read books for fun, as well as chat with friends and surf the web. Pens, pencils and notebooks are other important supplies that you will use every day and can store in your backpack.

While a refrigerator and/or a microwave oven are not essential items that you must have in your dorm room, they certainly do make life a lot more comfortable. Consider purchasing pre-owned items after you reach your dorm, especially if you have to tote the items a long way or have to fly to get to your college. Even a small electric kettle or a coffee pot can be handy, offering you a way to make coffee, tea or the ever popular ramen soup that college students eat by the caseload. If you have room in the dorm space, a chair or even a futon or some type of beanbag can be a cozy addition to the room as well.

Rather than pack up everything and drag it all back home during your summer break, it is easier to simply place these items in a mini storage unit. While you might be worried about storing your items, simply find an East Lansing mini storage or Bath mini storage facility that offers on-premises security monitors and a facility that is completely fenced and fully lit. This way, you will feel comfortable about storing your items for several months.

In addition to security, students also often worry about budget, and there are mini storage facilities that cater to students by offering month-to-month options or even weekly options, as well as pro-rating the first month’s rent. In addition, you can find a Bath mini storage facility or East Lansing storage facility that offers a discount especially for students, and some don’t ask for a security deposit either, which helps you keep the storage costs as low as possible. At any rate, opting to store items is far easier and more convenient that moving everything back and forth several times before graduation.

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