Transport Options Available At Luton

Mention in conversation to friends and family that you are going on holiday to the United Kingdom and immediately everyone asks if you are going to London. They will ask this question as most flights land at any one of the five major airports within the capital. Planning your trip before arriving into London and you will be able to make sure you see the best sights for your amount of time spent in the city.

There are a number of different options for arriving or departing from the airport which include trains . The airport has a number of different train stations which can be used to reach the city centre which include the Airport Parkway line. There is a frequent service from the airport into the city and the station is opened 24 hours a day making transport a bit easier for passengers.

Passengers have a number of different options available to them with regards to train stations options. The platforms are located close to the airport and can be reached very quickly once they leave the terminal building. Luton town centre itself can be reached very quickly for those passengers who are staying overnight before heading off the next day to continue their onward journey.

Buses and bikes are other options if you prefer. They are terrific options if you happen to stay local and wish to reach the airport under your own steam. Most of the cycle paths are now traffic free and are a great way to keep fit on your way to work at the airport.

Last but not least is an option to rent a vehicle from the airport. Passengers are also allowed to return their rented cars to the airport even although they may not have rented them from here by paying a one way one off fee to the company. Anyone collecting their car from the terminal can make their way over to the rental desk and then produce their documents to the branch staff.

Anyone who is travelling with a passenger who has special needs can relax as there are airport facilities to cater for their needs. Contact the airport’s customer service before you arrive to arrange any service for your relative such as wheelchair access or help with a passenger who has visual disability. Which ever transport option you prefer there are plenty of choices for you to select.

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