Yunnan Girls

Yunnan Women

With the most ethnically diversified population in China (there live 52 of the countries 56 ethnic groups, among which 5 possess a population of greater than 1 million, and 9 over 100 thousand), Yunnan is no doubt a unique province, which means it also has very special women.

Their looks and ways of dressing are different from group to group, but they do share rather a lot common traits in terms of personality and the way they carry themselves.

Innocent, enthusiastic, honest and natural are among the words people usually first come up with when they think of Yunnan women, especially those of minority background. Apart from various customs and rites of each ethnic group, minority girls, as well as Han women living in Yunnan province, are generally considered more open and outgoing compared to those from other Chinese provinces.

Because of a huge number of holidaymakers annually, women there have the opportunity to meet all types of people from various areas of the planet and are usually quite comfortable being around people of different cultural background.

To date a Yunnan woman, though, one still needs to pay extra attention to the tradition of the girl’s ethnic group or family, which depends upon specific cases. Fortunately, as long as one shows enough respect and acts reasonable, traditional customs wouldn’t be a serious problem.

Hopefully this article has helped shed some light into the world of Yunnan girls. Remember that not every woman is the same and you might observe some light differences from the characteristics pointed in this article. Please keep an eye open for our upcoming articles on women from other Chinese provinces. We wish you the best of luck on your search for the perfect Chinese woman wherever she may be. Thank you for reading.

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