What Attracts A Filipina To A Foreigner?

These days it is not uncommon to find Filipina women in the arms of foreign men. But why the attraction between these two races? What attracts a Filipina to a foreigner?

There is the notion that Filipino women who go for foreign men are just after one thing – money. That’s largely debatable, of course. After all, not all foreigners are wealthy. True, the Philippines is still a developing nation, and the US is already a fully developed country, but it does not mean that all Filipinos are poor and all those living in the United States are rich.

Filipina Wedding
Filipina Wedding in the Philippines

Well, it may also be that one dollar can go a long way in the Philippines, but it’s an entirely different scenario back in the States, especially in the midst of recession. People are losing homes and jobs in the states, and yet there doesn’t seem to be a downtrend where romance between Fil-Ams is concerned. Moreover, in the US, spending a dollar is spending a fortune, which also goes to say that what appears to be loads of money in the Philippines isn’t all that much when spent in the US, so, really, it can’t be all because of money that Filipinas are attracted to foreigners.

So what attracts a Filipina to a foreigner?

There are many things that draw a Filipina to a foreigner, such as the need to try something different, for instance.

Long gone are the days when women would just content themselves with provincial life. It’s not that it’s a bad thing, of course. But there’s absolutely nothing wrong, either, with venturing out or tasting a different menu, so to speak. For a Filipina, it can be a thoroughly exciting experience to have a relationship with foreign men, with their free spirit, and amid cultural and religious differences. Dating a foreigner is not necessarily an upgrade in what one may be used to, but the many differences between them do give a relationship some spice.

Foreign men are also seen as one’s ticket to visit other countries outside the Philippines. True, it’s more fun in the Philippines, but for someone who has lived in the Philippines all her life, there is that longing to see the the United States with all its glamour and glory. Who can blame her, right? Think about Hollywood, designer clothes and bags, and world-class tourist spots, to name a few!

But everyone knows just how difficult (and expensive) it is to get a tourist or even a working VISA to the US. It’s been said, in fact, that if you are a professional who simply want to see the world, your chances are better if you simply look for an American fiance to get you out of the Philippines and bring you to the United States than apply for a tourist VISA. Then once your passport has been stamped, it will be loads easier to travel to other parts of the world. Having said this, it’s not at all surprising why Filipinas would be attracted to foreigners.

A Filipina may also be forced by a need to start anew, even if it meant being away from her family. A bad experience at home may have left her with no other recourse but to seek refuge or comfort in the arms of someone who is not at all Filipino. It does happen at times that it takes someone from a completely different background to appreciate you or make you realize what’s important to you. A complete change of environment and an entirely new set of friends may be good for a Filipina’s soul, in this case.

A Filipina who was once married to a Filipino may also be attracted to a foreigner so as not to make the same mistake. Surely, you have heard it said too often, been there, done that. Well, indeed, if she didn’t find true love with a Filipino, she might have better chances of finding true love with someone who’s not. Who could tell, right?

What to Say to Filipino Parents When You Want to Date Their Daughter

It’s hard enough meeting the parents of a woman you’re dating, so imagine how much harder it is if you’re dating someone whose cultural background is radically different from yours. This is the main problem faced by western men dating Filipina women. Even if you’ve been to the Philippines a few times, and even if you have several Filipino friends, you’re still not equipped with the right things to say to the parents of a Filipino woman you’re dating. What do you say to Filipino parents when you want to date their daughter? How would the subject even come up?

Date a Filipina Girl
Date a Filipina Girl

The good news is that there are two magic lines that can help you make a great impression right from the start. Here they are:

Magic Line #1 – “When I got to know her, it was obvious to me that she came from a good, respectable family. That’s why I wanted to meet you.”

This may sound like a strange thing to say at first, but Filipinos are very family-oriented. Apart from caring about traditional family values, they also care about how their family is perceived. Filipino parents would appreciate hearing that the good character of their daughter reflects their own good qualities as parents.

Magic Line #2 – “She’s very smart, understanding, and kind. I also admire how much she loves and respects you both – I hope I can do the same.”

It’s a common mistake to try and impress Filipino parents with your own list of achievements. But what most western men don’t know is that humility is important to Filipinos. They play down their own achievements and good qualities. Bragging is frowned upon.

Instead of talking about yourself, praise their daughter. Note that you don’t have to use the exact words listed above. Any praise noting the character of the woman you’re dating will do. It’s also important to mention how she cares for her parents, and how you are willing to do the same. This will go a long way expressing to them that you are open to accepting them as part of your family should you decide to make a stronger commitment later on.

While these two magic lines won’t get you through the whole conversation, it’s a great way to start. Don’t be surprised that, as a result of saying these words, the family will welcome you with open arms and invite you to sit down with them on a spontaneous celebratory meal that marks the start of your courtship.