10 Telltale Signs That A Filipina Girl Is In Love With You

A Filipina is warm and friendly. But do not be misled by her actions because her warm attitude should not make you jump to the conclusion that she is already in love with you. You have to pay attention in the little gestures that she is showing you because Filipina girls are discreet and much more reserved than women from western countries.

One, when A Filipina girl is extra-pleasant to you. If she invites you home, that is already a good sign. Filipina women honor their parents and relatives. If she likes a man, she would invite him home and introduces him to her parents. If this is not happening to you, and she is just meeting you outside her home, then she is may be simply courteous and has no plan to get serious with you.

Second, a Filipina woman serves you. Service is purely an act of love among Filipina. They love to serve their spouse or their boyfriend. This virtue has been passed on by their mothers to their daughters.

Third, she cooks for you. Filipinas love to feed their husbands. She really gets busy in the kitchen and makes dinner ready in time for her husband to come.

Fourth, If a Filipina is still your girlfriend, she gets excited and is looking forward of your visits. She prepares herself and pretties herself.

Fifth, a Filipina girlfriend or even wife would send you an SMS at least thrice a day. A good morning message, a mid-day encouraging message and a goodnight message will flood your inbox.

Sixth, A Filipina either girlfriend or wife will give you gifts on special occasions. Birthday, anniversary, Christmas and New Year, you should expect a wrapped box on those dates.

Seventh, Filipino women are also particular with “Month-sary”. They will celebrate it and send you card. If your relationship with her got official on June 14th, then every 14th day of the month, your mailbox or email inbox or cellphone inbox will be filled with card or ecard.

Eight, A Filipina girl is appreciative to things she admires. She will not stop appreciating you. She will consistently speak about your good traits.

Ninth, A Filipina lady is faithful. If you have a Filipina girlfriend and she stops entertaining other suitors, then it means she is serious with you.

Lastly, A Filipina girl is firm and loyal to the core. Nobody can waiver her heart if she is in love with you. If her family does not approve you, she will defend you and stick with you.